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May 11: I should talk about

There are a lot of things that I should talk about, but i just don't feel up to it. I have to get this arrangement that the group doesn't want to sing (because it's mine, they want to sing the song) by 6pm today...and i haven't finished the bass part yet. eeks. I'm having work issues (which is good) that I don't feel like doing (which is bad). I'm thinking about sue (glad she's okay) but haven't finished the WTS that I keep telling her about (which is bad). Shel Silverstein is dead. That upsets me greatly. Where the Sidewalk ends was one of the most influential books that i owned as a child. My GT (gifted and talented--HA) class had to use that book as a basis for writing some poetry. And I've kept going with him since. I never called him Uncle Shelby...but I do have an audio cassette of him singing. Created my own radio station today thanks to Josh. you should check out Nillachino in the French Quarter. I went and saw Election with josh and eris over the weekend. It was pretty amusing at times, though I had been dealing with either an eyestrain headache or the beginnings of a migraine for most of the day, so i wasn't very enjoyable company. I'm still getting those twinges every couple of hours. argh. As always, i was in the minority, but Election was not as good as Shakespeare in Love. And Matthew Broderick (whom I have started to abhor) has not aged gracefully at all. And I'm behind on my words. but you knew i would be. So have a date with Jon and Lisa and Stephanie at various times during the week. Better make the most of that. la. Sometimes you just have to believe in rainbows.