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May 17: Catching up on Catching In

What a freaky past couple of days I've had. Well if i didn't tell you so, hearsay did get its own gig on saturday at artsplosure. so we sang a 20 minute intermission for the swivelr**** at the aussie pub. i wowed the audience with my "mic check" rendition of "still of the nite." okay you try rhyming pub with grub and see how well you do. we did end up adding four of our six new songs because care wasn't able to sing her duet with steph. there is so much to talk about i'll put myself a little reminder to delve further. needless to say many feelings were hurt on saturday and some tears fell (none mine thank you jesus). we're moving rehearsals to sunday because chris got a new job. oh well. looks like my attendance record is going down the drain. talked to steph about my vocal percussion issues. she made some since and since my horoscope told me to look for the positive in people's comments over the weekend...i tried to look at the bright side of what she was saying and not the negative. had my goodbye outing with jon. we ended up at the wine bar (my virgin turn), Linda's bar and grill, he's not here, and miami subs. i tried not to get drunk. and succeeded somewhat. champagne and wine mix only so well though, ya know. saw a lot of people at he's not whom i hadn't seen in a long time or wouldn't be seeing often after they've left chapel hill. jon and i have begun to really solidy our friendship. i hope it endures the distance that's about to be created. at the various bars and whatnot i saw rachel and elena at lindas, some former loreleis (an a cappella singing group on campus), people from jon's hall (especially the ever lovely matt), amin -- whom i don't really know but proceeded to show me the *** *** fraternity handshake as i was leaving. "we are brothers forever, i guess. and several students of mine from when i was an RA with the Carolina Summer program. good luck shelly, ben, glenn, tyrone, adam, adriane, tara, jack, andrew...and the like at he's not. TANGENT ALERT i got some disturbing news from Glenn (pauper players). it seems that the CS program is no more and that upsets me greatly. i'll have to look into maybe taking it over -- would the campus hire me to do that -- i'll fill you guys in later. i got to see a production of city of angels on friday nite. as some of you may now, that is my favorite musical. well it and HAIR, but this is a COA moment. it wasn't a bad production, but i had forced myself to accept it regardless because i was simply estatic that they were doing my show. and since **I** got to see it for free. that made it all the more better. some of the casting choices sucked. MUNOZ could not sing in tune. ya gotta love that in a senior theatre major. the last bit of "All You Have to Do is Wait" was no where near the melody nor the key that the, ahem, jazz orchestra was playing. no where. speaking of the orchestra. 8 members of it didn't show up. so i was regalled with an electric bass, a piano, a drummer, a tenor sax, 2nd trombone, and a trumpet. w00! that poor poor trumpet player. but really they didn't detract that much from the show if you can believe it. My favorite song "With Every Breath i Take" was not ruined, but she didn't make me happy either. i didn't cringe like i did in my broadway melodies set a few years back. but i wasn't doin no flips neither. (figure that one out you grammarians). there was a bright spot. she's graduating unfortunately...but the woman playing donna/oolie turned that shit out. she could have a career if she wanted to. that's saying a lot coming from me. saw steve tell (the videographer) at the production. so, hopefully we're going to get the fucking video to woman's work...sooner than later. got stood up by the other stephanie, but what else is new. we're going to dinner tonight at the darbar. hopefully, she'll be there. *~*~*~*~~*~*~* will talk about graduation later. and i started on a new item for sue but may work on both of them so that she'll have her pick. i can do this. i know i can. la. Sometimes you just have to believe in rainbows.