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May 10: Casting and Weird Science

This is going to be short. i mean very very short. well not very. So the casting for the Chapel Hill Summer Festival is complete. The directors haven't made all of their decisions, but we know who were aren't using. I'm in sprung! (not the movie version josh) but sort of a STOMP for children. and i'm pre-show appalachin singing for Tennessee. okay. Un/Fortunately, that includes one of the divas who's created a bad name for herself. I'm not sure why she wasn't chosen: one of the directors said that she had a great voice, and the other was chosing his supporting cast women willy-nilly. back to the drawing board for ms. kramer. and speaking of ms. kramer (cause you know i have to) a little background. I direct these cabaret shows for pauper players (check out the cast list if you don't know what i'm talking about). And one year i wrote a performance around her. So she was kinda instrumental to being in my cast, right? Wad didn't think so and so wrote his cabaret around her apparently as well. (I mean the damn song she sang was Without You--daphne rubin vega can sing without you, there are many others who could as well.) But anyway, so she got the bighead because women aren't usually cast in more than one broadway melodies set. So she played us to the hilt because she didn't want to rehearse. Argh. So i'm not planning on ever working with her again...lie to me once and i hold a grudge, lie to me multiple times and I hold and AQUARIAN GRUDGE. Well, word had it that Wad wanted to pre-cast her in a production of Pippin. I called him on it yesterday, positing myself as "concerned because there's a rumoring going around about you." He said that he hadn't said that. he mentioned about a year ago that he THOUGHT she'd make a good fastrada. Well, we'll see. I really want Pippin to be done over any of the other dreck that's being "considered" Bye Bye Birdie, Tommy, and Kiss of the Spiderwoman (okay not dreck but without the male talent--there you go). So who knows what that means. I'm not completely happy with my gift form pauper players, but aint that a bitch for you. it's sorta small and obviously not as expensive as someone's, but it still really is the thought that counts the most. and it's purple. so hello, it aint perfect, but it's mine. *~**~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~ When this happened last nite, my first thought was. i have to tell my list. there was a man walking down the street as i was pulling out of my driveway headed to the grocery store. i do believe he was masturbating. Now i couldn't tell for sure (OF COURSE I LOOKED) because it was dark 10:30pm and he was black wearing some dark clothing. but considering the vicinity of his hands and the movement that his hand was making. I'm pretty sure that's what he was doing. Now i don't know about the women on the list, but guys...isn't that kinda impossible or at least really really painful? i haven't tried it myself, yet...but it just seemed really awkward. and yes, i guess that's the kind of neighborhood that i live in. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ off to apparently get drunk and eat at a baseball game for "team building" as my boss' has called it. later. la. Sometimes you just have to believe in rainbows.