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My real name is Thomas King. I also go by TeKay.

it's one word like Cher, Madonna, Sting, but it comes from Thomas King.

Notice the spelling, I'm very particular about it. Don't simplify me by saying that it's the same

things as T.K., it's not. I also go by nilla on the internet.

That comes from my friend stephanie and one of our favorite drinks. The Vanilla Mochaccino.

My friend eris is making a webpage 
of all the quotes that I've said to her 
over the past few years. it's at 
he said what?

life is better for me right now. but hey it's not all peaches and sunshine.

right josh? ;-p

I like being different, but i don't like talking about myself, go figure.

I am the eldest son of two children (my sister's named shana) and

the oldest male grandchild on my father's side.

Life is a big ass b***** sometimes because of it.

You wouldn't know this by looking at this page....but i have a degree in communication studies and journalism from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ...i just happen to love my own form of communication. a certain friend gets really nervous whenever i start speaking my own language around her. OH NO NOT AGAIN!

yam plovioubian, dik snolian

I'm African American. Into the arts. I want to be a professor of theatre

and communication studies. Theatre-wise I'm one of the executive producers for this year's Chapel Hill Anti-Shakespeare Festival. I love the color purple and almost anything having to do with the sun--except laying or working in it.

Oh well.
I love singing and use to sing with the a cappella group TAR HEEL VOICES at UNC. Then I sang with the semi-professional group The ACCIDENTALS. I sing with a new group now called hearsay.

I am also the north carolina ambassador to the Contemporary A cappella Society and our local webpage is here.

The three most important women in my life are Linda King--my mom,

Mama Celeste--my maternal grandmother, she died when i was 14,

and Mama Ida--my paternal grandmother,

each of these women were instrumental in raising me. Whoever said that women should not rule the world is out of their **** mind. i cherish them greatly. I have a half-sister. I don't get to spend nearly enough time with her. and now i have a niece. she's adorable. elondia sheba qamar. ah me.

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