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May 6: You'll shoot from the start...starring ME!

May 6, 1999 Oh god not that television show. eek what are you people thinking?! (yes i know you like must-see tv, kathleen). But anyway. I'm filming my television show today. I'm actually a little excited about it. the essence of tekay spread across the airwaves for my grandmother to see on her television. I taught kim the dance last nite. she was the understudy for the three wheelchair-bound cast members, but didn't get a chance to perform in the show. So since jacq is shooting the movie with sandra bullock and not able to be here for our shoot, I said that kim should do it. And everyone seemed to agree. She picked it up nicely and will do well today, I think. I am a little worried about the interview part (and if i will actually be interviewed--doesn't seem likely, but who knows). Will this be a let's be honest sort of situation or a play nice-nice and boost up the stars. We'll see what comes out of my mouth, I guess. So If you are in north carolina in june, check out north carolina now and you'll see me dancing and singing my fool-ass off. *~*~*~*~*~*~~* So i had dinner with several of my friends and acquaintances from Pauper Players (a theatre company i'm involved with) last nite. I found out today that Courtney wanted to go as well (she was in A Woman's Work). So we've got to go out again soon. But anyway Lisa, Jon, David, KimS (a fantastic piano player), ChrisH (choreographer) and CAROLINE went to Vespa's. It's this nice Italian restaurant on Franklin Street. Slightly swanky. They had a trumpet/piano combo playing as you entered the doorway. One time they started playing Aint Misbehavin' and our entire table started singing along with the combo. Tacky, yes; Fun, hellayes! Jon spilt wine all over Lisa...which is important in that it's been the second time in as many occassions that it has happened. w00 clutz boy. David (co-director of purple love rockets) and Caroline have gone on major shoplifting sprees. eek. i've taught them too well. Lisa bought a $22 bottle of wine which she couldn't pronounce. She got it because it was the middle category (not the $18 bottle and not the $45 bottle). It was surprisingly good. I haven't enjoyed Italian food in a while, but the chicken dish I last nite was bella excellante. CAROLINE GOT INTO NYU. so she's definately leaving me, permanently, and not just for a semester or a year. She hasn't heard whether or not she got into Tisch, but she's leaving regardless. And the beauty of the situation is that she's going to be living with Leslie (bipolarmaven). That should be an interesting interesting household. Yahoo! So I have to add her to the list of people who've already asked me when am I coming to visit them in new york. i really only have so much money. But it does seem like trips to Boston, LA, San Fran, Chicago, NY and Portland are in the making. argh. Kim and Chris are dating. KIM AND CHRIS ARE DATING. oh my, someone asked me if I could believe that there was a gayer straight man than he. my answer was yes, but little did I know that I was talking about Chris. but yeah, they are dating and have been for a while. eek a mouse. We parted ways after our $152 bill arrived. And someone tried to shortchange the waiter. wasn't me for once. but i'm not naming names. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ good lord this is long. well afterwards, lisa and i headed to the Dead Mule Club and had margaritas in honor of Cinco de Mayo and chatted about life in general for a good long time. it was very very soul-cleansing. She's good for that for me, and i think her. She's still battling with this break-up with Dan. We both may be moving. far far far away. or closer to others depending on how you look at it. Found out that my other friend/comrade/acquaintance from the class of '89 had finally gotten her undergrad degree. I can't really say anything but DAMN cause since she's gotten the degree and has decided to go to law school...she's been accepted by Texas, Chicago, NYU and some rinky dink little school that probably no one's heard of called. HARVARD! harvard fucking law school. and she got the acceptance on the same day that she sent NYU$1000 saying she was going there. She wants to go to NYU, but the parent pressure is on. Who knows where she'll end up. I am very proud of her though. w00 I guess i have to add another one to the list. I'm trying hard not to have my life spiral downward at the moment. extra: yay! mike rhyne (giggleboy[tm]) is having a party on saturday, hadn't heard from him in a long while. listen: so many cds recently it's not even funny. AT ALL! read: abide with me, e. lynn harris taste: sMOOTHIEs!!! word for the day: illation--the act of inferring or drawing conclusions. thank you for indulging. Sometimes you just have to believe in rainbows.