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June 17: in the news

I've caught up with the backlogs of entries to the webjournal. what an accomplishment. Some of the links are still broken, but my eyesite is getting poor today so I'll have to save the editing for later. *~*~*~*~* The group is singing
    The National Anthem
for the Mudcats a AA baseball team in Zebulon. It should be fun. And hopefully, the biggest crowd we've sung for so far. Oh, and it looks like I'm singing the lead on "Gimme Some Lovin." Now, I wish I could put a .wav or mp3 file here so that you could hear it. but i can't. I've been trying to download several mp3 so that i could at least hear the song again before I have to sing it this sunday. Argh. If any of you happen to have a copy, I would greatly appreciate you sending it to me. Thanks. *~*~*~* If i want to keep this job (yes, the contract temp position) I have to reinterview for it. WTF? that's all i can say about it at the moment. And the fact that it would radically change from the laissez-faire position it is now. *~*~*~* did i say that my eye hurts? *~*~*~* going to see cloud tectonics tonight. it's a play by jose riveria. should be enjoyable. *~*~*~*~* josh, eris and i went to TEN TEN chinese buffet restaurant last nite. mmmmmm yummy mmmmmmm. there was a table of loud freaks near us. YES THEY WERE LOUDER THAN US. I couldn't believe it either. It made me realize that unless I or the people I'm with are doing it: It's obnoxious. So while we were eating and trying to stab the guys with our chopsticks to shut them the fuck up, this man comes from another table to talk to us. we can not understand him would be putting it mildly. he asks the three of us if we were a couple--yes, i said the THREE of us-- (we deciphered that much) and it sounded like his friends (two women)had put him up to it, to say hello and whatever. He seemed to be alternately checking Josh, eris, and me out, but lord it was too much for our poor psyches' at the time. *~*~*~*~* superleroy is gone on a retreat for the *@#%@#@!%#$ okay, i was going to say something so foul there, but i'm practicing restraint. so that means that i have the whole house to myself until sunday. i am going to enjoy this thoroughly. i hope. time for some cleaning. *~*~*~* zelda the bug has been reincarnated. well, that is until last nite. i sprayed she and the snail-but bug really long and hard with RAID. eris is demanding that i call an exterminator. i know she's right, but i'm hoping at least that i can rid the place of the pesters myself. we'll see what comes to take her place (because, you know, bugs are basically like the mythical phoenix.). *~*~*~* others are getting in on the act of calling superleroy and throwing him shade. I need MORE MORE MORE! last nite he placed a telephone message in my door from someone who called last friday. LAST FRIDAY. *~*~*~* I'm feeling some TOWANDA coming on. ach! talk to me about some Real World shennanigans already. oh, and Kathleen , break-a-leg tonight...tell those actors who's the boss. la. *~*~*~*~*~ word for the day metier: work or activity for which a person is particularly suited. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!