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June 15: dancin, dancin, dancin, i'm a dancin machineeee

this is rambling and started really late at nite...forgive me. God how I wanted to talk about the funness that was Saturday nite. I decided that i wanted to go out that weekend. And stephanie had agreed. actually, she was the one who brought it up. she hadn't been out since she came back to chapel hill and it was gnawing at her something fierce, apparently. so we agreed to go to our old stomping grounds. LEGENDS. la lesions as it is want to be called. Trying to plan that day. I had envisioned going to the wedding and basically staying in Raleigh with Josh and eris until around the time that i was going to the club. yes, we say the club much as the rest of the world (me included) now mean New York City when we say "the city." But as tekay rebel-rousing magic is sure to work, that wasn't to happen. not only did i not have on the proper outfit...i hadn't contacted stephanie to find out exactly what time she was planning on showing up. So, i did a lot of back-tracking that day. ugh ugh ugh...poor car. anybody want to help me name my car? i was almost going to say betsy up there...but she's certainly not a betsy and besides that's the name of my mom's car. sabrina and sophia are not sticking... anyway... I get home and contact stephanie and we decide to go at 11pm and then 11:30pm. stephanie decided this by stating THE FACT that she was going to get there earlier than i was ANYWAY. yeah, girline, let me prove you wrong. So I'm preparing myself even packing the extra precautions, something that I don't normally do... because I've gotten lucky in the past year exactly ZERO times. We decided not to ride together because i was thinking of spending the nite in raleigh this time though for what I was hoping were good reasons. SHAZAM! I succeeded in making myself look devine but not too outrageous. I had to test out my new shoes at the club. I had almost 5 hours to kill between now and when i had to be at the club... so, i decided to watch some television. normally, i watch hercules and xena whenever i'm at home on saturdays. especially since two different episodes come on about four times during the day. Well, i had seen three of the episodes showing between 7pm and 11pm but i watched hercules anyway because the episode on WGN because I had missed parts of it during the regualr season. (yes this is way too much information, but i'm on a roll here...stick with me.) And then for some reason i decided around 9pm that i also needed to do some laundry. oh good lord...what was i thinking. i put the whites on and of course had two loads of those to do. our washer lasts about 25minutes for a normal washing. So yes, that's an hour right there just for washing the clothes...get where i'm going with this? so i'm drying the second load starting around 10:35 andthinking ..."g-damnit, stephanie is going to gloat about being right." So i try to haul a$$ out of the maven haven at 11:05 for the 40 minute drive. And somehow at 11:25 i'm passing in front of the club and i don't see stephanie. no problem. i park and think that she's either already inside (we decided to meet outside so that we would know that the other was there). so i'm waiting outside and remember that we don't have memberships. we're kinda up the creek because of north carolina ordinances (or raleigh laws...whatever) about it being a private club and needing memberships. Of course while i'm patiently waiting there and the time is tick tick ticking slowly but surely by ... i'm seeing friends of mine who i know have memberships go in and think that there's another wasted opportunity to ride someone's coattails. the time keeps on ticking. an hour later (i kept saying if she doesn't show up in another 5, 10, 15 minutes...i'm going in without her or i'm going home) i see her car drive by with an additional body in the vehicle. oooh it's MISS T. miss T and stephanie recently had a fight, and miss t was no longer supposed to be being chauffered around by stephanie, but it looks like miss stephanie doesn't like driving to chapel hill by herself. nothing like some double usage. and it was miss t's first time to the club. lord that fag hag should have been here a long long time ago. Because stephanie can't park, nor drive really, worth shit...and that is saying a lot coming from me. that drive around for ANOTHER 20 minutes looking for a place to park. ARRRRGH. then we have to do the wait in line thing because stephanie thought she could talk her way into the bar. but she did not...and this drunk guy who eventually got in and had to be escorted out...was harrassing us. lord. so we asked some dumb, blonde gayboy to usher us in and he does. and they start liquoring it up (i didn't drink the entire nite...don't ask me why, because i don't know...and unfortunately i smoked a cigarette which made me sad.) w00 then the fun began. we went outside, but i couldn't get them to play tv station. i still need to go back with eris and play some more...that shit is soooo much fun. we watched people, of course...but not like that. the whole time i kept imagining nimnod arriving and sweeping me away to some dark corner...but alas. they liquored up again and then it was dancing time. w00, i haven't been dancing in several months. so i was prepared for a good workout. and being with Black Snatch (i kid you not, that is the name of steph's and miss t's band) we had to be seen while we danced. As most gay bars have nowadays...we went and danced in one of the cages along the dance floor. I LOVE DANCING IN CAGES. i remember partying back in atlanta and pole-dancing...and go-go dancing on a box at power company...there is nothing like it. so we raised hell in the box for about 30-40 minutes i think. it was at least 5 or 6 songs...and you know how long dance tracks are nowadays. so it was a real good workout for me. i need to go more often because the pounds are starting to propogate like bunny rabbits. i see the monkeytime boy and talk to him and had him feel me up. it's all so shallow sometimes that you forget to enjoy it. and i knew that it wasn't going to lead anywhere. and then we saw GermanBoy[tm]! this cute boy was attracting to steph and miss t because he looked so euro and they are drawn to that like flies to shit. we stared and followed and i made of the rule that when i'm QUEEN OF THE WORLD (and it's happening soon people so you better get ready....don't start singing though) that i'm going to make a rule that no one can walk around naked unless i deem it appropriate. there were way too many tore up facially men walking around bare at the club. it got disgusting after a while. but to not deprive everyone, i deemed that there are some who could walk around bare, but they had to wear face masks. so periodically, i shout out face mask to men as the walked by...much to everyone's chagrin and delight. The best part is when stephanie finally talked to "johnny" -- that's his real name, but i don't think he knows how to use a computer. but anyway, this person whom they thought was like the biggest eurogod...sounded like minnie pearl on testosterone. "ya'll that's so sweet. you so nice. i'm moovin to florida. i do massage, but i've got arthritis...and the people down here are so cliqueish and i hate cliques." i think this was one of the hardest times i've ever had not laughing in someone's face, other than the time rhondaman[tm] told stephanie that she was bossy. but he's nice and was very nice to look at and very friendly. christian was cute boy too. he was so hot. so hot. so hot. so...oh my. and he had cute toes. sleek dark with brunet hair and clear eyes. lord but did he have a funny voice, too...but it didn't matter because he was of the nude type who i deemed had the right to be nude. it allowed me to touch more of his skin when stephanie brought him over to say hello. (because she is the goddess of making people talk to her. it's amazing). i'm sure he's like only twenty years old...but damn! he was drunk and flirting with the bartender. and the kisses were nice. anyway..... la. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!