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June 10: communication, what is this thing?

lord have mercy. there's a new virus in town. it's like the Melissa virus of a while back. but apparently this one snuck up on everyone. i got an email about it from a friend this morning. but i didn't think anything about it (i could have been a hero..gah) and so some people who have no idea really what a computer can do, were happily clicking away at their zip files and downloading this virus that promptly began eating away all of their microsoft files. oh my. the company has basically shut down now because people don't have access to the email and there are files that were not backed up. oh lord jesus! *~*~*~*~*~*~*~ well my euphoria is over from yesterday. i did get in touch with a couple more friends whom i hadn't spoken to in quite a while. i'm feeling very good in that regards. i'm making an effort to reach out and contact people. and it's paid off. i have a place to stay (2 actually) while i'm in boston. so that's a good thing. i was really worried for a while because i didn't know if i had enough money in my budget to afford housing for the weekend. i was banking on staying with a buddy from the a cappella group that I'm currently drooling over. but twas not to be the case. they have about 4 different gigs that weekend so they were stretched to the max. oh well. i'll try a hot a cappella hook-up somewhere else. yes, travelling a cappella groups are notorious for one-nite stands. it was a certified artform in the collegiate world. okay that was bit of a digression. but i'm simply not gelling with life and employment at the moment. everything sets me off on this wave of sadness and despair. gah. honesty is just the best policy in everything. something that i'm learning. **~*~*~*~*~*~ eek a mouse. a fellow tripodian's webpage was simple deleted by tripod after they paid their premium membership fee. that bites. and is a good indicator that i should move soon. *~*~*~*~ i'm in a very esoteric mood at the moment as well...but the words aren't coming as quickly as i had anticipated. even the second installment of WTS has been hampered by this barriers that i'm erecting. damn it. la. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!