August 9: rolling on the one

I GOT A JOB! well sorta. i got the HR position that I may have mentioned that Iw as applying for last week. I was supposed to interview with someone else today or tomorrow...but they were sort of adamant about wanting me. and so they got into a bit of a bidding war. yippee...god it's nice to feel wanted again.

shit is still hitting the fan with danielle and my old position. seems she checked out way early on friday and didn't tell anyone. hahahahahahaha! and she didn't come in today until after 9am when the new girl had been there for a good long while. and apparently new girl has a tongue piercing. how's that for corporate appearance. i've still got to get a time card signed from them from last week. yeah baby.


sprung is about to happen. and of course it was raining today so the field theatre that we're working in is going to be all muddy. it rained on the two concerts that we had over the the ground is thoroughly soaked now. except i think it's sauna time because the sun has been out a lot today. eek.


kyle, didn't come down for sleazefest. he ended up housesitting. he's about to embark on a westcoast venture...ending with two weeks in hawaii. yeah, i am jealous.


i'm about to help with some casting for an industrial film. anybody talented out there looking to work on camera. let me know.



I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.