August 5: there's no business like show business

I really do think that I just like messing up my life and trying to get fired from every job that I undertake.

I mistakenly sent out a major event request today with the wrong date on it. eek. oh well, everyone is over it now, but i could have saved myself some hassle had i not relied on AUTOPICK on outlook calendar.


Welp, my show opens tonight. I'm excited and nervous. we haven't practiced the music enough and so lyrics are teneous at best on a lot of the songs. wait i'm talking about tennessee and not sprung! sprung is in a whole nother league of ughness. the director is planning on running 6 run-thrus of sprung beginning next monday. 6....we don't even know what the whole show is yet...and he's planning on running 6 run-thrus starting monday and ending wednesday nite. hahahahaha.

anyway tennesse. i sing in this small trio at the end of the opening and when we're on...we're good as hell...last nite we weren't on. so off that i had to stop singing because i coudln't find where we were pitchwise.


uh oh this is one of those lots to say 5minutes to say it in days.

i still have to think of what i'm going to get the cast and crew as my producer gift. lalala. any suggs?

oh and THANK YOU ALL for going to the site and looking at the clock feature. i'm feeling a little kathleen venom happening here. (well except to you sue and anji of course).


I just joined the age of aquarius webring. that excites me though the site id is february...and they know i'm a january birthday boy...pooh. *~*~*~*

I'm in pain, but i'll get over it. i always do. i am cartoid horn free now. no disgusting growth coming out the side of my neck anymore. though i am now official fatter than hell and it's pissing me off. i've gained five pounds just sitting here today.

*~*~*~* i have an interview tomorrow in HR. plus time to fix that last assignment. as well i've been informed that they want me to stay on here working in a CRC capacity with their projects. they are going to discuss on monday the length of this contract. so suffice it to say that if i blow this interview tomorrow (which i'm hoping i won't i would MUCH rather be in HR than in clinical)...i will have a job that's sort of long term either way.

DAMN, this management firm that just signed h*ars*y has booked us already at this hotel for two dates for $150 for an hour of music (WHICH IS OUR TOTAL REP AT THE MOMENT) but anyway. jen can't do one of the it may not happen...but shit is happening FAST FAST FAST. i could actually learn to enjoy being in this group again. imagine that.


okay, josh is on the way to pick me up. he's coming to see the show tonite (well so that i can take him home afterwards really) but it'll be nice having him in the audience.

oh and jon it really isn't anything. i did just want to say hello.



I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.