August 25: eagle eye has landed

I have been doing a lot of introspection lately. There are so many words that have been swimming around in my head. And Iíve hardly had the time to even think through them clearly, let alone put them down in written format and onto a webpage. I still have issues and interests from June that I want and need to discuss.

This new job is completely kicking my ass. Itís not that I have a lot to do yet (and they keep telling me that no shit has hit the fan yet...itís been very very quiet), but the strict guidelines and policies that Iím having to follow are tough and slightly oppressive.

And just what I need.

I havenít had to "work" at an assignment during the last 2 years that Iíve been here. And this one has confidentiality clauses and appearance guidelines and all sorts of rules that are chaffing my hide as we speak. Iíve already had 1 "warning" meeting, a preventative "counseling," and two business discussions and Iíve been working here less than 14days.

Yesterdayís meeting was so tense that I simply wanted to cry. But I didnít. I went home and sat on the couch for several hours and ate dinner with my roommate.


Yes, my roommate and I have actually been talking. Almost levelheadedly, but more often than not, without tension. Plus, he made me dinner! No, weíll never be "friends" but itís better than it was a few months and years ago. Howís that for strangeness happening in tekayland.


Hopefully, Iíll be music directing Pippin this semester. They are having director proposal interviews this weekend. We should know something by Saturday. Which sparks another whole issue in my head. I had a 1-hour phone conversation with wad last night. Can you believe it? We talked about a lot of issues and idiosyncrasies that he has/had and how they relate to one or both of our theatre organizations. He sees more of the light than a lot of people give him credit for seeing (including and especially me).

So in the span of about 5 hours here I am repeating positive news about two people who have caused much stress in my life. What the hell is going on?


Iím still tinkering with the pageÖand wondering how to download an ftp program so that I can ship over to bluesilver (though the move may have to be postponed as the hostess with the mostess is about to have a baby!)



I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.