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April 21: Encapsulating the whirlwind

There is a whirlwind of activity in my brain today and i don't know where to put it all down and how to exactly sort it out. so i'll encapsulate for you. Josh's apartment got flooded last night. so he'll probably be spending the nite with me tonite (oh get your minds out of the gutter, i'm not Kymm and Nik). i think he's put the whole information up on his journal. eris and josh are coming to see Merry Wives tomorrow nite. i hope they aren't too disappointed. I'm going to see Violet tonight in it's southern premeire. Wheeee and a free ticket to boot. i love friends in high places. Looks like i will NOT be seeing the Tonys live this year. That puts me in a serious funk. We are trying to work something out though, so have no fear. The concert I produced a couple of weeks ago only made a $600 profit, which doesn't even begin to cover my salary. ugh ugh ugh. The group made our second debut in the triangle. This time at the more Anglo club "The Berkeley Cafe." The crowd was good, though we had to pay a $2 cover charge just to get into the place. They have good food as well, but overly expensive ciderjack...;p ~hic~. The crowd seemed to really enjoy us. I got a couple of comments for myself as well as the group as a whole. That felt pretty good. Almost Blue was still our weakest song, but it's getting there...we're really being to make music with it, which is cool because it's been the song that we've learned the fastest in our time together. (though i think we're going to be able to put Take a Chance and Life in a Northern Town together pretty quickly as well.) I gushed to josh about l*nce's ability to sing Life, but alas josh spoke the truth and it's not as awesome as i fantasized it was. though he is doing a much better job than Only You. For some reason, the crowd really got into Operator (we are in the bible belt), which steppenwolf didn't want to sing. oh well. We have a couple of paying gigs that we're lining up. so the demos is getting finished soon. If you'd like a copy let me know. I can't say shit about the colorado incident/massacre/whatever. I am speechless and yet highly apathetic about the whole thing. My mom was in a positive mood for most of our hourlong conversation yesterday. That was a first. There were many issues with Shana and her slow deterioration, but we're holding strong, I think. I'm sending her a wok for mother's day....something frivilous, but that she'd really like instead of just sending her money...just to let her know that she's a special person and deserves gifts (We're both like that and would much rather receive gifts on holidays than money.) I haven't decided if I'm going to New York next weekend. Part of me says Yes...and part says No. I won't know if i'll still have a job until after then...and I'll have a $200 dental bill staring me in the well as taxes to eventually pay (oops did i say that out loud). oh well. la.