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April 22: Gingerlilly is the way to go

Okay I'm in a strange kinda happy place right now, and I'm not sure why. It's all very disconcerting, especially considering that nothing has really changed in my life, but nonetheless it's a good time.

eris sent me some email regarding the disease that my sister has. I'm mailing it to my mother so that she can cope a little better with the situation. Thanks big E. Maybe this giddiness is because I spent most of the day yesterday evening with Lisa. ah lisa. we went and saw the first preview of Violet last nite. I'll tell you more about that later.

She's still suffering greatly from her recent breakup with her rebound man (meaning she's going to need another rebounder). ugh. I have been of no help whatsoever. but that's my style. We talked about a lot of things.

As well I saw David (my co-director from Broadway Melodies and newfound best bud). We hung out at Trios for a bit before he went to see She Loves Me. While I knawed and slurp on my veggie food from the hare krishnas. Krishna, i love me some krishnas...and krishna food. We talked about people and what was going on in the campus world. Twas much much much fun. Apparently amber is playing the snow queen route again. lord lord lord...

There have become factions within the Grease cast because of this one guy who played kenickie (sp?). Every woman had the hots for him in the cast (and no he's not all that). Amber "white boys are so pretty," Ginny "i have no business playing marty," Leslie "I call myself, 'uberfascist director," all want a piece of his kit kat bar and he's already given it to jen "damn my norwegian self makes me a fine choreographer."

The cast is split between who likes jen since she has jason, and who doesn't. I love pauper player politics. what merry fun.

Speaking of merry. The Wives of Windor is closing on saturday.

YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY! and i don't this blackie over heah is gonna go tostrike on sunday, i have much better things to do. Much better.

Josh is still wet.

Oh and to not leave off talking about the Trio...apparently several of them are heading to DC to audition for Les Miserables. And one really really really things she's going to get the role of Mme Threnardier. Oh okay just becaused you attempted to play Mama Rose. okay whatever.

positivity positivity positivity.

And I saw jon last nite after Violet. he always makes me smile. even when i'm being mean to him.


xxtonys fingersxx

that's all I'm saying.

oh and saw stephanie, brandon, patrick, and william yesterday. it'll never be the same again. and that's probably a good thing. old habits die hard, but a bruised spirit dies even harder.

so the colorado shooting was also racially motivated.


la. people...come on and just la. with me.

hearsay is simply on crack. that's all i'm going to say there as well. I've never been invovled with such conflicting personalities and egos before in my life. and that's saying a lot, especially considering who some of you who read this diatribe are.


gingerlilly is the way to go.