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April 19: all these invitations

It was uneventful weekend for the most part, but enjoyable nonetheless. One of the biggest no-nos in professional theatre is one actor instructing another actor how to perform a certain scene. Well, I got to suffer through more indication that this "show" is definately community theatre that I am currently working in. And granted community theatre as a whole isn't bad, but these people are taking it to a whole new level. Part of it is that I'm not a part of the "in" crowd, I guess. Not that I really want to be in this particular instance. But you know how my feathers get ruffled every now and then. Josh and eris and I played "spot the gay man" and I just found out that they missed two members of the family. w0w. I did get officially introduced to this performer whom I had "met" several years earlier who at the time was dating a friend of mine. He asked me to audition for a show that he's directing in the future. could be interesting. I got invited to the Tony awards...this should be a special occassion. I GOT INVITED TO THE TONY AWARDS. That is so thrilling. I hope everything works out. Me at the Tonys. g'lawd. One of my fraternity brothers, well actually four of my fraternity brothers, want to start another a cappella group at UNC. and they've invited me to help them out. I hope i can be of some help. I'm not too keen on the idea and I let my apprenhension be known. But if they have the cajones to make it happen, I wish them the best. They've got some far-reaching and lofty goals that they've set for themselves. But i'm not going to try and bite anyone's star... They are calling themselves EVERYDAY PEOPLE. Speaking of A cappella, Iko seemed to like the cd and the tape that I sent her. She's a current Bubs fan and I'm an old skool fan, but that's okay. As well, I didn't get to attend the Loreleis (a female group at UNC) concerts last friday, but sat in on one of their rehearsals. They sound truly amazing this year and have a couple of kick-ass new arrangements. Who knew (obviously not me) that George Michael's "Freedom" was about coming out of the closet? Why didn't anyone tell me? I got the dreaded note in my inbox the other day. Six months from now...NILLA@UNC.EDU will no longer be valid. I'm having a mini crisis about this. haphazard and slipshod. that's me. thanks for indulging.