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April 15: just a little information

argh, there is an information and communication specialist position available at school that is just opening up. i want it soooooo bad. it's working for the student union director. he took over his position the same year that i became a member of the Activities Board. So yeah I've known him for 6 years now. Argh. i just wrote him an email asking about the position. to let him know that i'm very very interested in it. he said in the web announcement that he was looking for a current university employee...well hell i use to be an employee of the university and i use to work indirectly for him... please please cross your fingers for me. I've realized that i can't really be a "just" a secretary for that much longer or i'll go stark raving mad! and the bill collectors are getting mighty mighty persistant. Financial shambles are us. i have so much more to say, but my hand is cramping. ciao.