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April 12: PIA for short

Hello grasshopper how nice of you to drop in... apparently i need to learn PIA...that's Punctuality, Initiative and Accuracy. I had my annual performance review today (though i've worked for this company for three years.) See all the world is on tekaytime [tm]. I mean if three years is annual(and we're not on saturn) hello, i'm really only about 10 years old. that explains a whole hell of a lot, doesn't it? ;-p Overall i had a great review...elliott was much more impressed with me than was steven, but steve has known me for a year and elliott knew me for two i took more validity in what steve had to say. my lowest grade was usually (which corresponds with average on that kind of scale) so i really didn't do that awful. my "contract manager" really liked my evaluation and had no concerns at the time. but i did. The punctuality thing i totally agreed with...after a while, my starting time at work gradually shifted from 8:30am to about 9:00am. and that was my own making and not from really asking anyone if it was okay. by contrast i was informed with this position that i could start at 9am...and of the days that i've come in (all 6 of them) that time has been steadily 9:15am. my god, what am i doing? that's a harder one to agree with. no it's not. i'm not one for details, so little things can slip by me with surprising ease. I do want to work on that. it was one of my "usually" categories. Now initiative, i'm having a problem with. I WAS A FUCKING SECRETARY IN A JOB I DESPISED. what the hell is initiative in a secretarial (and a contract one at that where my work isn't especially taken seriously)position? *~*~* oooo let me make this filing system better... ooo you know if we answer the fon on the second ring with "hello, have a happy day" that would increase our mail could be sorted before it arrives, i'll just go down to the mail room and pick it up...*~~*~~* i mean what the fuck? whatever...i'm over that one. yes, i know i could do more (i guess) but when you really don't give a shit it's kind difficult. Well, i have netscape i can start uploading again. how fucked is it at this company that researchers can use netscape 4.5; the tech ops can use msie 5 and the like, while Corporate Affairs (you know the people running the company) and Communications and Finance have to use IE 3 and Netscape 3.01 lord, help me. so back on track...i'm simply waiting for Iko to finish the design and i'll start with the new site. Ed. Note: unfortunately, the netscape 3 didn't work either it's going to be called helios-rising and the journal will be called nillachino... i hope you all enjoy it. Opening nite and the run of merry wives of windsor. The show has started. I told you guys that he kept us at rehearsal last thursday until 1am in the morning, lecturing us on how terrible we were (well not me since i'm not on stage that much) and how bad the show could be because he's done all he could and it's our turn. well, apparently some people took him to heart. it's actually become a funny show. There are still HUGE parts that i don't like, but the audience really seemed to enjoy it. and i guess that's what really counts, right? So 7 more shows to go. eris and josh and jacq and david and jessica and jon are supposedly coming to see it. Ed. Note: thank you josh and eris for coming even though you loathed the show. :0 Speaking of the theatre world. i wanted to quit as of saturday... I was going to this audition for a local professional company's season cattle call. Yes, i waited to the last minute to prepare, but that's not the problem. I'm better that way when it's fresh. But i bastardized this monolog to fit into the two minute timeframe from this play called "a poster of the cosmos" by lanford wilson. Guess which director that i just auditioned for on saturday told me right at my audition time that Poster was one of his favorite plays. I wanted to turn around right then and walk out the door. and I should have... i didn't get a chance to do the additional readings right then, and no word on the callbacks for tuesday nite. not looking good. so i went and spent a lot of money to try and make myself happier. didn't work. ~*~*~*~**~~**~*~*~* tonight is hearsay rehearsal...let's see how that goes. la.