September 8-10: a new york prequel

All I can say is that there is nothing like an e-saver to blip on your computer screen at the right moment to make everything all worthwhile.

I was sitting at my computer bemoaning the fact that i had scheduled myself into such a frenzy over the next few weeks that i was surely going to go crazier than i am already. if that is possible...yes, i know what some of you say about me.


So in thinking how i could no longer stand being at work, i decided that i really just needed no I HAD to get away for and from myself.

I had to if i still wanted to be a somewhat civil person.

me and my superstitions. i said, "if there is an e-saver to new york this weekend, i'm going...everything else be damned."

So about 15 minutes later up pops my 1travel personalized webpage email. I cross my fingers and click.

Raleigh -- Newark $99



well, now what. I could't really just go without clearing a lot of rehearsals and appointments and issues that I had with a lot of people. namely, would I have a place to stay and could I get off from work and could i rearrange a rehearsal schedule so that "instead of hitting" could function without me (of course it could.)

i assumed that the place to stay was going to be a bit easy. jon has an open invitation for me...and really the whole trip was to go see him. and my boo finally has cleaned his apartment again and has communication ability so he offered up an abode as well. i'm already thinking about december.

the biggest issue was going to be getting off work. i've already said several times how much this job scares me. it is so different and high maintenance than ANY of the other jobs that i've had (except for the FDA gig but i just kept counting down the days). i'm nearly on end every day. and the fact that i am STILL under surveillance for lack of a better term and can be axed at any minute didn't bode well for me wanting to take vacation days.


I shouldn't have worried. but i'm glad they noted that i did and took that into consideration. had i had any TRUE balls i would have taken off tuesday as well, for at least a half day. but that is for later knowledge.

so I hit the phones and the dominoes as former reader "kyle" would say, just all fell into place.

I was so excited and was able to purchase the ticket by 5:30pm.


Being me I don't pre-pack any of my bags or actually sleep well for the next couple of days because of Pippin callbacks and casting. Going to bed at 2am and getting up at 7:45am takes a toll on the body. especially if you have to get up the very next day at 4am to make a 6am flight.

What was I thinking?

But it was set, let the vacationing commence. 3.5 days in the big apple with jon and a host of sundry construction workers....wheee doggie.



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