September 9: it's the armageddon

We're not dead yet are we. And my computer is still working. ooo i better call the bank. I just spent a lot of money that I hope is still there. :)

I love numerology. I'll just leave it at that.

Though i didn't think about it last nite at 12:21am when i was in the throes of making a CallBack list for Pippin. I am so sleepy right now because of it.

I've slept 9.5 hours in the past two days. And we haven't done any major casting yet. Friday nite is going to be interesting to say the least. especially since I have a


flight to new york city on saturday. I'm trying to pull a Sue and fly back on tuesday morning and go to work. Yes, I have a death wish.


I'm really excited about this show. Some of the major characters are already set, but everything still hinges on so many variables. Wade is trying to be so fair about everything and yet maintain his "vision" and he's putting a lot of stock in what jen the choreographer and I want. So I find that very refreshing. Could it be that we're all growing up?

We're getting a chance to work with a lot of new faces! That excites me to no end...and the fact that we could cast the show in 5 different ways and have an awesome yet COMPLETELY different show is a tribute to the talent we had come out to the auditions. So here goes nothing.


So the pauper players grapevine was at work again. a performer whom I put A LOT of stock in when she was a freshman and sophomore, going to bat for her at every opportunity that i could, auditioned last nite.

She included a "note" with her resume and application about issues completely not relevant to the pain, humiliation and total frustration she caused me two years ago. nor was there an apology with this if those issues she caused were negligent and needn't be discussed. oh well. she has a good shot of being in the show, but i will never have any trust in her again. Wade and I are being as fair as we can be. There are more an enough women auditioning for the part that she's good for.


Burning bridges is not a good thing with me. i've been a doormat for far too often in the past to let it continue with someone who's talent i only moderately tolerate now. And she's burnt them all with a big fat amazon pyre with me! though she did throw in a reasoning behind dropping out of a show last fall. well, since she was cast in a way to make it easy for her to drop out it was all good.

so there you go grapevine. work your magic this time.


Ugh, not to harp on the auditions or anything, because there are a lot of little things that i'd want to talk about...


but there was this squicky black guy who auditioned...who actually reminded me a lot of myself when i was that age. big queen and all. well, he's a pathological liar and got on almost everyone's nerve at the audition. jeezzzz. i wanted to cast him just for the browning of the company if nothing else. but even i couldn't stomach it. so no chocolate men for this show either. argh. argh. argh. well, I'm off to the first set of callbacks. g'luck to the kiddies on the list who are reading this.


ps. remember the "paper" incident.



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