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10-26-98: chock full of events

This was a jam-packed weekend (hahahaha i mad my own pun). lots of stuff, so didn't have a lot of time to feel sorry for myself which was a relief. it was full of parties and music and a piss offness at someone who was not me or eris. wheeeeeeee. Talked to stephanie. dave was being dave and didn't know that he was actually going to have to work to be able to live in atlanta and pay bills. silly him. so they don't have a phone right now, but they do have a roof over their heads.

when did i get my party diva ticket back

I was invited to three different parties on Friday nite. w00! Friday nite i was feeling all fraternal and stuff, so i decided to go to the fraternity meeting/party that we were throwing at lynn's place for the pledge retreat. i got there about 30 minutes early because i had forgotten what time it was supposed to start. that was okay because i got the chance to talk to lynn, which i don't do enough of. she's an odd-duck non parallel...but she's also got a great heart. I had only planned on staying at that party until like 9pm (so about 1.5hour) but it ended up being a pretty good party, had a chance to meet the NEW pledge (since i knew the other one from being the fiancee of one of the brothers--she's an interesting girl herself, all 4'9" of her.) yep, eris, AMBER dropped again. oh well. I got to talk to a lot of people whom i cherish dearly and just reconnect with some people who aren't that bad. no were aren't going to be life-long soul mates but they will be there when times get rough. and sometimes that all you really need. i think i'm officially over my alex crush. he's still hot as hell, but i've gotten my hormones in check so i can deal with him or more than a purely lustful level. and i think that he's having his "i'm heterosexual man" issues again. can i say how piss drunk some people (namely alex who we discovered later wasn't supposed to be drinking because of his chemo/medication which he conviently forgot he had taken that day.) and kurt. w00 kurt was three sheets to the wind. We played "I've Never." this is possibly the best drinking game around for just getting nasty. so stuff was found out that i'm allowed to discuss because that breaks the spirit of the game. let's just say that there is more incest going on with this fraternity on a national level than you would have imagined possible. i had to run around the room and slap walls[tm] for a good portion of the festivities. and it was kinda sad that of 1 gay man, two bisexual men, some lesbian wannabes and heterosexuals...that only one hetero woman had had anal sex and not with her fiancee (oooo did i say to much.) ;-p. So i only drank one white russian (well all 24 ounces of it) because i hadn't eaten that day and i had to do GREEN MAN in henderson the next day. it was 12:30am and i still "had" two parties to go to. So i skipped the sonambulist party at Dan and Anne-Marie's. i wish i could have gone, but damn i was having fun with my fraternity brothers and i can't say that phrase that often, i def wanted to take advantage of that good situation. i also ended up not going to the somnam meeting on sunday, but that is a whole nother ball o wax. I got to amy's party around 1am. they were having an 80s theme. usually their parties last until the wee hours of the afternoon...but because they are getting old, the part wound almost completely out by 2am when i was leaving. sad amd good in it's own right. Amy dressed up as tootie from the facts of life, jason had on zippered parachute pants...and karen (another fraternity brother of mine, but who's been distant from the chapter for 3 years) was dressed just like my old roomate lisa when she thinks she's dressed to kill: pink pumps and strecthy skirt--yes! found out that jason now works at glaxowellcome as well. so i guess i have an occassional lunch date whenever i take lunch. he said his job will probably go permanent--yes smoke drifted from my ears. oh news flash--half of my section just got sold to another company. hmmm, let's see who's about to lose their job. okay gotta go. this weekend was too monumental to summarize in one construction page. so stay tuned true believers.... mwah.

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