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May 27: UGH--Title Goes Here

I forgot to pay homage to Jay for the title. Lord, it's been a long time since i've communicated anything hasn't it. To appease a certain someone: Today I had a half a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar and a cinnamon-raisin biscuit for breakfast. it was good. yum. take that stalker-boy! :p *~*~*~*~ well a lot of "issues" have gone down over the past few days. my mom called me on saturday to inform me that my "little" brother had been in a car accident a couple of days before. he's doing okay last i heard, but he had been unconconscious for awhile. and my other "little" brother has graduated from high school. i can't believe that he's that old. or better yet, that I'm that old. but there you have it. it took him a little while longer than normal, but anytime a black man manages to live past his 16th birthday, the world is doing okay. no, they are not really my little brothers, but if i have to explain to you the concept of southern extended neighborhood families, then this entry will go on for two miles. *~*~*~*~* I was making plans to go home this weekend for memorial day, but of course those plans have mutated beyond all recognition. it's part of the reason why i don't like to committ to vacation plans because, they are always changing and making me upset. i'd rather stay flexible and go with the flow at the last minute, that way, my stress factor is not as high. so anyway because i'm auditioning with the group for a mudcats game this weekend, the holiday is broken anyway. but to top it all off, i have a producers' meeting for the festival on saturday as well as a singing engagement at something called the elizapalooza (chicken bridge hemp fest) all in the same day. So, I'd basically be going home for a couple of hours and turning around and coming back to durham. josh, convinced me that it was better that i not leave today and have to do that, instead i should just go after the hemp festival on saturday and stay til monday. but of course that means i miss laura. *~*~*~*~*~* lunawanton is a cliquey bitch who's coming down to north carolina for her cousin's graduation. she wrote me asking me to meet her on friday because she can't actually go to the graduation. but unfortunately, she never told me where she's going to be in concord, so i can't really just drive down there and expect to run into her. SO NO JOSH IT ISN'T YOUR FAULT! oh well. maybe next time. *~*~*~*~*~* I need to get off josh's computer and take him to get something to eat, so i'll probably write another entry tonight. like i said, there is mucho to tell...and this probably hasn't been the best way to tell it. oh yeah, we had to revisit nerds fucking the other day. what a site! la. la. LAAAAAA! Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!