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May 21: Living My Vida Loca

Welp, since i can't go on my trip this weekend I decided to go shopping instead last nite. thank you josh, david, gen, brandy and cas on your advice and help. I wanted to buy a pair of shows that i saw at payless wednesday. in the women's section naturally (because there you can find fashionable men's shoes at half the price). but my shopping companion thought they were ugly. she just doesn't get gayboy fashion. at least she didn't ask me why i was shopping in the women's section. she sorta took it in stride. hmmmmm.... unfortunately they weren't at the mall when i went yesterday (didn't go to the same mall), so i'll make a trek either tonight or this weekend to pick them up. I did end up buying two new pairs of pants and a new shirt. I can be stylish everyday at work now without having to rotate pants (yuck!). And i got them for half price. w00! and i'm liking this new scent (well new to me) called Weekend by Buberry's. I've never heard of them before, but the (male) cologne is captivating. I don't say that often about men's cologne. so i then headed off to Barnes and Noble (or the Monolith as one journaller I read calls it) to do some book browsing, magazine sampling, and cd acquiring. I'm now livin my vida loca in style. but i'm still over ricky martin...though i would definately shake my bon-bon for him. I watched the latin Fanatic episode the other day (pigeon-holing MTV,nahh) featuring Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez. So now I remember which MENUDO member he was. my favorite at the time was Ray. Can't remember his last name, and can't find a menudo website, but I did have a picture of him up in my locker in 7th grade (was i daring or what). Thank you BOP magazine!! I use to love their television show back in the day. Oh silly LITTLE ME. i really like faith prince on the cast album. but i'm not too fond of Martin Short. See, i caught that extra o there josh, just for you. But it will add nicely to my collection. CREE SUMMER will not be a hit. you heard it hear first. Saw my friend Tami in B&N while I was there. She's contemplating doing a one-person show for an independent study or honors thesis and was asking me for my advice (naturally). We tossed back a few ideas and topics that she definately doesn't need to cover. If I see one more performance on the effect and significance of Black hair, i will puke. So I was trying to convince her to do something by anna deveare smith. perhaps fires in the mirror. so now i'm trying to figure out what to do with my weekend. ah me. i'm actually in a much better mood now than when i started writing this a few hours ago. that's progress. go to Sue's page and read my latest foray into webpublishing nameous and click on the well, tekay said button. i'd appreciate your feedback and any topics you'd like discussed. la. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!