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May 20: Kharmic Absolution

Okay, i'm definately not going. a lot of signs keep pointing to the fact that GOD has decided that this is not the weekend for me to travel that far north. yes, i found several sites that offered philly/nc or ny-nj/nc services. but of course ALL of them were for reverse flights (namely that you had to start in philly or new and then come to north carolina) instead of the flight arrangements that i needed. and 24 hours on a train just doesn't seem prudent in a four day trip. i've got a little bit of bad kharma going on right now, and it's simply payback time. i can totally deal with that. the are other travel options. okay why has the group become Lance and his singers. ugh ugh ugh. yes, i'm a petty bitch but this is getting fucking ridiculous. it would be fine if he was a good soloist (he's the one singing only you on the demo and web) but he's not. he's apparently going to sing the lead on Change in My Life a song i already don't want to sing, and especially now since he's singing the lead. well, chris is staying in the group and we've catered a lot of our rehearsal times and shelved pretty much outside performances till october, but it's okay by me. i know that they wouldn't have made the same concessions for me, but life isn't always fair now is it. I'm hooked on indian food, had a great time with stephichino on monday nite at this indian restaurant. yummy yummy and it didn't burn anything. well, especially since i only ordered the level 3 spicy instead of the level 10. a coworker wants to be my friend, i think. we went shopping last nite together and we acted the same way that josh/eris/I and stephichino/I combinations act when we go out shopping. twas fun. she also invited me to go to her church one sunday. hmmm, i don't actually see that happening because i'm always afraid of going to new churches because of christianity's stance on alternative lifestyles and condemnations of everyone who isn't a part of that church. she said hers was very different. but still. **~*~*~*~*~*~*~ come on get happy, just smile all your cares away. i'm trying; i'm really trying. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!