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June 28b: But I'm not so I think I'll stay

Nancy and I drive to Harvard Square to go to the Army surplus store. And of course it was closed. On the way there we briefly (and I stress briefly because it was HOT!) walked on Harvard's campus. And I saw Chadwick from Road Rules Australia walking down the street. All I will say is that he's short. I drug Nancy into The Body Shop. W00 w00! They just came out with their hemp body wash. It was so very cool in the store, we stood under the air vents for a good long while (considering it was 96 degrees outside). And I did a complete makeover for Nancy. I think she was very pleased with the results. After talking to the cashier and finding out about her car accident and her family's impending trip to emerald isle, we headed to this country-mexican bar called Border's. It's apparently a very popular place with Harvard students, but all I could think of was the bookshop's coffee bar. So margaritas and amaretto sours for the afternoon. Of course by that time it was 3:30pm and I knew that Nancy should be headed to Concord. But did she….No. We then hop on the T (the subway system in Boston) to go down to Boston commons (everyone needs to see that area apparently.) She said she knew what she was doing (oh and this was after we found out that she had gotten a parking ticket). So I said let's go. I wouldn't be meeting Patrick for another 2 hours. The BC was great, though the fountain was not functioning properly for cleaning. We sat and talked for about an hour. I so enjoy talking to Nancy. She helped me put a lot of things into perspective. There has to be come changes made in my life or I'm going to implode. So Nancy and I leave the park. We stopped at the visitor's center and Nancy bought me a magnet of Boston Baked Beans. It was such a fun present to receive. I felt very sad letting her go. I was reaching to end of this magical trip that I had experienced. And she had just recently come back into my life. I hadn't seen her in several years…and there was no telling when I was going to get a chance to see her again. I just knew that there was a soon over the horizon. I take the T to The Coop where I had agreed to meet Patrick. My nerves were getting the best of me again. And I decided that I wanted to wear my big clunky shoes again. That was a big mistake. So I'm sitting and I look up and say "columbine" and I get to meet my "soulmate." Patrick had said that he was going to ask columbine to show up, but I was not able to get in touch with Patrick again to know if he had succeeded. Oops. I guess I should explain that. You see last summer I played arlecchino in a commedia performance and columbine is his soulmate. Whew got out of that one. If you read columbine's journal then you know someone of high intelligence is behind that screen. Welp, the same holds true in person. And much more of a conversationalist than one would think. Always had something to say. Plus the southern hospitality didn't leave because she had transplanted herself north. And then Patrick arrived. I was very happy to see him. He looks just like his pictures and has a much deeper voice than I expected. But most men have deeper voices than I do, so I guess his was probably of the normal timbre. He's extremely friendly and easygoing from first impressions. Patrick too can talk up a storm…so I'm not sure where his proclamations that he's reticent comes from. But I digress. Patrick had suggested we go to a pizza place (sp) for dinner and so we took off walking for the restaurant. MAN! Can those two walk fast. It was not a good moment for the TeKay to be in his big clunky shoes. But I persevered. And Patrick was so nice in offering to carry the heavier bag. He really is a very strong guy. We finally arrived and sat down to eat. I didn't want to pig out in front of these guys (especially with that return walk that I knew we were going to have to make.) So we agreed on eating a large pizza quatro. I can't remember all that we talked about. I know we talked about people we still wanted to meet and what everyone was doing over the next couple of days. I sat there for a while completely dumbstruck with the fact that I was sitting there with people I didn't really know…having conversations about people I didn't really know…but enjoying the hell out of it. Me. ME! I wasn't really talking. I know a lot of you were pleased to hear that because I saved myself from seeming the idiot. And other of you can't believe that I kept my mouth shut for longer than 2 seconds. We parted ways after dinner. Patrick and I walked to his car and continued talking about everything and nothing. I got to see production photos and a picture of the roommate from hell and one of the hottest men I've ever seen in my life. Go West indeed. I asked Patrick for a hug at the airport and he agreed. That was one of my fears…I kept telling myself to stick out my hand while I was with nancy because I'm such a huggy person by nature. It was the icing on a wonderfully CAKE weekend. *~*~*~* Then I got on my flight and was landing at RDU when started crying. I guess I'm staying. la. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!