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June 29: If I'm smart I will run away

What an amazing Monday I had. I can't begin to tell you the highs and lows that I reached on that day. And again I will shout out to the world that I'm not manic-depressive. I only get like this on occasion. When something so sweet and so utterly debilitating happen within mere hours of the other. I started off the day by sleeping in (well sorta). After about five days of going to sleep way late and waking up around 6am, the trend continued. Though at least this time I did manage to go to bed by 1am, instead of the normal 3am. Well, 6am rolled around and I forced myself to stay in bed until 9am. It was already going to be a long day, and I really needed to rest up. Work was beckoning as soon as I returned to North Carolina, and I wasn't happy about that. Cause you know I never sleep during the week. But I was also very anxious to call Patrick. I realized that he did want to meet me and wasn't going to totally blow me off as I had feared. And then I got scared. Here I've travelled several hundred miles to go to this wonderful convention and to meet someone that I've emailed a couple of times. What the hell was I thinking? Granted that seems stupid coming from me, especially with the whole RENT saga and the number of times I've met people from the cliquey bitches mailing list. Even slept at their houses the first time I met them. Hell, I even called Karen Y from the cb list and we were chatting like best buds. But this was different. We have a few things in common, but I know way more about his life than he knows about mine, because that's the nature of journalling. But I didn't want it to be as one-sided as it could have turned out. Nancy was still in bed, so I wanted to make the call before she got up and saw how stupid I was being. So I hem-and-hawed my way into calling his work number. Thinking about what I was going to say and trying hard not to sound like a stalker. I call and call and the line is busy. EEK! So I try for a couple of hours to reach him and keep getting a busy signal. So I start panicking that I won't get to meet him at all. And that would have sucked even more. Nancy, after a while, gets up and starts making the phone calls that she doesn't want to make either. she's flying to Spain for two months on Friday for continuing education and the school recently billed her again for the entire tuition which she had already paid in full a month ago. So we are passing the phone back-and-forth to each other and stressing. We're also trying to make plans for what to do with the rest of the day and both of us are awful planners. So you see the trauma. I check columbine's number to see if maybe my friends got the exchange wrong when Patrick talked to them yesterday. Nope. So I try again and find out that Patrick had JUST stepped away from his desk. DOH! So I leave a message to let him know again that I was still in town and still wanted to meet him. And then I said a little mojo that he'd call back. And he did and we decided to have a quick dinner after work and he offered to take me to the AIRPORT! YAY! No lugging of the huge bags on public transportation trying to find my way. So Nancy and I decide to go do what we do best. EAT. She knew this little stop that had the best omelets. Well of course tekaytime[tm] coupled with nancylife[tm], we did not get our breakfast foods. All I'll say is that a tuna melt should not be a cold sandwich. We go back to Nancy and Eliza's apartment so that I can get my stuff together. Nancy's supposed to go home to Concord for her parents' wedding anniversary and she has to leave by 4pm. But she also has all this shopping she wants to do for her trip to Spain. And I'm just rolling with my hunnies. I didn't have a care in the world in terms of stuff to do. As long I was at the airport in time to sit on my midway flight at 8pm. I didn't care what I did that day. I'm not up for real touristy things…so just being with Nancy and talking with Patrick and Eliza had been enough for me. *~*~*~*~* Okay it looks like this is going to have to be a two-parter. See you in the next go round. La. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!