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June 4: crash test questions

crash test questions

These questions that were once posed to Brad Roberts, lead singer of the Crash Test Dummies. I found it while reading Baker Street. Thanks Michael. You might find out some things about me that you really didn't want to know. But I got a kick out of the questions and some of my answers.


Question: What vegetable do you most resemble?

An Eggplant

Question: If you could change one physical feature what would it be?

My skin tone. I would lighten it.

Question: Describe yourself in one word.


Question: What is your greatest attribute?

My willingness to listen

Question: What character trait do you most detest in others?


Question: Whom do you envy and why?

Those who are able to live a carefree life without money problems

Question: How would your friends characterize you: moody, happy-go-lucky, pensive, withdrawn or stupendously wonderful.


Question: In a sentence describe the philosophy by which you live.

Nothing is the same without me being there.

Question: Into what TV family would you like to have been born?

The Cosbys

Question: If you were to come back as an animal, vegetable or mineral, what would you choose?

An animal, wouldn't have to change that much.

Question: What profession intrigues you?


Question: If you could completely change your style, what would you choose?

A rubber catsuit

Question: Who is your favorite fictional character?

Wonder Woman

Question: What animal is most like you?

American Short hair cat

Question: In what novel would you most like to have lived?

A Wrinkle in Time

Question: What super-power would you most like to have?


Question: When in history would you most like to have been born?

None, though there are many I would have liked to have visited briefly.

Question: What is the greatest invention of the twentieth century?

The telephone which was actually invented by two people, but you never hear about her.

Question: Describe your perfect day.

69 degrees fahrenheit with a fair amount of sun. lounging and listening to music, heading off to a dance studio and the theatre then maxing out with someone special.

Question: When are you most at ease?

When I'm feeling validated.

Question: What becomes a Canadian legend most?


Question: What is your greatest regret?

Those are way to numerous to mention here. I do regret not being the best me that I can be.

Question: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Happier than I am now.

Question: For what do you most want to be remembered?

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