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June 9: Striking too many Chords

not really an update, but josh found this website and shared it with me. so of the character traits are so on the money it's scary. you ever have that feeling that you don't feel like writing but there are so many things that need to come out of you, that you want to express in written form? i'm feeling it now. argh. and i'm a little despondent because two of my friends are hurt physically. so say a little something for josh and stephanie -- thanks. and i'm trying to find some friends of mine in the boston area since i'm going to be travelling there in a matter of three weeks. and the search is more difficult than it should be. i know their fon numbers are at home. i just have to find it. argggggghhhhhhh! but at least i will be meeting Patrick as well as several of my friends and bosses in the a cappella community. so on to this astrology stuff. wheeee.

In Life:

The Aquarius gay man is ahead of his time. **"i am a trend-setter after all." I remember making this comment when I was an early teen because I took some BELK survey which scored me in that fashion. who knew? (any closet BELK teen board members out there?)** He knew he was different at a young age. **Something I haven't told many people. I use to play house and mommy's in daddy's when i was a kid (remember it vividly when i was about 5 playing with my first best friend richard). guess who was always (and i do mean ALWAYS) the mommy? I still have some gender dysphoria issues that I'm working on.** Different because he's gay, and different because he's completely bizarre. **Yes, I know I'm different. I crack myself up all the time, and i know I look at things sometimes outside of the mainstream. OUT is IN!** Many Aquarian men experience the sensation of watching life as if they are outside of their body. Yes, some of them are crazy, but most of them are just so profoundly detached that they are able to separate not just from the rest of the world, but from themselves, too. **My dreams are often like this. I can picture my internal self going through the motions of the dream and watching it like a movie. hmmm. As well, I often think of a bazillion alternate realities that any action i take could happen and often imagine those through to the end of the scernario and think aloud. "well, that would have been a stupid choice."* Aquarius men tend to live in the future. They have great belief that the world of tomorrow is going to be much better -- much more fair and humane -- than the world of today. **I am so not in the now that I scare myself, often.** And most of these brilliant thinkers will go on to do great works, to make the universe a better place for all of us. These fellows can be awe-inspiring. ** {my horn}TOOT TOOT TOOT TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT{/my horn} They can also drive you crazy if you're close to one of them. **shut up josh, read this for yourself as well, baby. and yes, there are others of you out there also, divas and the like...** Intimacy is not their specialty. Aquarians are more comfortable with we than with I. I'm not talking about the grand we of Leo. The Aquarian we can be very distracting, even when these well-meaning men use it to express loving concepts. So what saves this poor, gifted soul? His friends. Friendship is the most important thing to Mr. Aquarius. It's a thing of beauty and inspiration to this highly gentle man. The Aquarian who chooses his friends wisely can count on them to pull his more emotional side out of him, and to teach him to deal with people he loves on a more personal level. ** I couldn't agree with this more. though i may not always act like it. those of you who are my friends mean more to me than i'll ever be able to express...and i may not ever show it in some grand expectation that you have of friendship but you do make up my soul. ** At heart, these men are scientists who seek deep and thorough understanding. From this place of knowledge they desire to change the world for the better. The challenge for Aquarian men is to understand how to relate to the people closest to them, using their hearts, not their heads. **Chile BOO! i am so trying!** so i guess this did turn into a sort of entry. oooo, Election Day from Arcadia just poped up on Imagine Radio...gotta boogie. Good Luck on opening nite Jul's. la. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!