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June 2: dreaming of days gone by

BECAUSE I FORGOT TO TELL YOU THE HAPPY MOMENTS. in the stress that was me yesterday, I forgot to mention the good moments of the weekend. an update: we haven't even brooched the time card thing at work, yet. so today is less stressful, but moreso. c- is being nice enough today, but i think she's highly distracted. so we'll see later this afternoon which road i take. thursday -- Left work early which was a rarity. and went home to CLEAN OUT MY CAR. if you've seen my car in the chrome/plastic flesh, then you know what a monumental task that was. but i did a pretty good job of starting the cleaning process. i was waffling as I'm want to do about going home. i guess i just really wanted an excuse to do something else. So when I called Josh, I decided to hang out with him from the word jump. We picked up eris and decided to surprise surprise...go eat. We decided on Ragazzi's with only a minimal amount of trauma. The food was great. And we overstuffed ourselves in the normal manner (some of us moreso than others) and had some good conversation that i don't really remember now. i know that we laughed a lot which the three of us together hadn't done in a mightly long time. mightly long. i think that's when josh got sick as well and i didn't get my money and becuase of my money issues i was a little left of center for a while (needed to shake myself back into alignment). and i found out about people's bathroom issues. oh lord jesus. So I made a date with eris to go to the mall (YAY!) the next day. I think we're working on our friendship again. She still never calls me and sends me requests for service through Josh, but we'll see where it goes from here. We've both said that we miss the past and what it was like before the chips got too big on both of our shoulders (well, i thought the last part and it's my journal). FRIDAY Got woken up on friday morning by Annmay's telephone call. argh. she has a knack for doing that. I had wanted to go to the mall with eris around 1pm so that we'd have a big long time to chill together and see where things stood and lead. but of course that was not to be the case. I think I mentioned the Elizapalooza festival that we were going to sing at on Saturday (another reason not to go home too soon) and we were going to sing Amazing Grace. Well, we had rehearsed for two hours the previous tuesday for this gig. rick our bass/baritone can't read music and i can't change harmonies that i don't make up myself that quickly. so what does annmay do on friday morning. she decides to arrange a new version of the song and wants to rehearse that day so that we can sing it on saturday. i wanted to laugh in her face. but i restrained myself... and told her that i would meet for an hour, but that i had to be somewhere by 1:30pm. I mentally pushed back the time to meet with eris and found out that josh wanted me to pick him up and take him to the bank that afternoon. well damn. so annmay and i meet and we have veggie burrittos and then try to sing using a pan flute as our keyboard. i shit you not. i know i'm not going to memorize this music so i basically waste time when i could have been at the mall. but you know how you have to appease some people right? and put on a good face and at least feign some respect. The issue here for me was the fact that we're practicing 4+ hours to sing a hymn everyone knows for a bunch of drunk rednecks (albeit as i find out later AWESOME hippie rednecks) and she's stressing out majorly. the chill pill needed to go into effect and unfortunately, i had already taken my last one. plus the fact that she's an opera maven vocally and we're trying to convey some mountain folk just singing was making it ridiculous. So I depart and (oh the key inicident) for eris' after finding my car and my house keys because i had placed them in a safe place so i wouldn't lose them, which meant hidden from me. we get to the mall and are actually having a pretty good time. there's a new bobbi brown makeup section in belk, we are negrostalked by a worker at bath and body works, i buy TWO PAIRS of black dockers courduroy (the first time i'm wearing cords in like 20 years--oh god i can say 20 years and actually still be cognizant of that time in my life) for $25. Two pairs. eris' saw me do the happy dance.n bought a songbook in sam goodsy's, made eris embarrassed in lane bryant's because i exclaimed loudly that she rocked for buying this primo skirt. and "shopped" at the body shop. we needed to shop more, but time was running out. i needed to go pick up josh so that he could open up a bank account (W00 w00 direct deposit and all!), and eris had to be at work. So we decided to make a second trip installment after work this time with josh. so we were going to try for the whole shit bang and kaboodle. josh and i hang which was fun. the mall was great again though tensions tried to flare occassionally. and we WENT TO EAT!!!! this time to chili's, i didn't think they would go for it because 1) we ate out well the previous nite, and 2) it's kinda expensive. but alas, i was wrong and we ate and ate again. read josh's account on his mailing list. i don't know if the ice cream cake or the apple tort was the best. my chocolate pie was good but the other two rocked worlds. i don't especially care for apple pie, but i was drooling. oh and josh got sick again and we had to take him home. So eris and i checked email and then I headed for my party at jul's. *~*~*~*~*~ The party was great. I didn't feel as awkward as I thought I would have. you know how theatre cliques can be. this was much the same, but a little different nonetheless. i did have to put my straight-boy reflectors on for jul because this guy decided that it was time for him to have a private party. eek eek eek. But i did end up meeting some really cool people and had a blast. *~*~*~*~*~ Saturday was the big audition day for h*ars*y. i was apprehensive about going to rehearsal, but what the hell. it was some good and some not so good, but by this point i didn't really care. the women have formed their own bond and chris/lan really hit it off well...them being manly men and all. chris likes to talk about himself. so the ride over to zebulon was filled with chatter. his new job is going well. goody. we sang well, the auditors were impressed and we got the two dates that we wanted with no problems. seems like there will also be a fireworks display when we sing on June 18. so that should be a treat. a treat i tell you. **~*~*~* met with the CHASF producers and annmay and i headed off to the singing gig. la. la. la. la. there was one woman named kc singing who floored me. she was great and of course at the end of samwich's set, she sang AMAZING GRACE. hahahahaha. she wanted me to come up and play the flute during their gig, but since they sing in keys other than C. that wasn't really possible. we sang and i scooted out of there to get home around 9pm. whew! i'm tired. *~*~*~*~*~ next the kannapolis files. don't you love it. Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!