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July 16: Kicks in the Ass and Other Water Sports

No sooner did I write that dramatists can blah blah blah than did i go home and find that my roommate has had the damn rights in some of his mail for a fucking month. "oh somehow this got mixed up in my mail, and it looked to be important so i wanted to give it to you." and he wonders why i call him superleroy. okay well not really. i don't think he knows or cares.... i didn't blow up at him even though the postmark on the envelope read June 17th and the letter was June 15th. So our thirty days may be up and we have to reapply. but that's not the kicker. we a doing a ONE-ACT piece of shit play and the rights are $900. What the @#*$%@$() So I have to call them tomorrow and find out if we can renegoiate our contract, since techinically it's null and void anyway because of the 30 day deadline for responding. this is not a good way for a middling theatre company to make itself on good terms with the professional scene. I can't believe that I've gotten us the wrong rights in the first place. Yeah, like we're really a "professional" theatre company. ARGH, i can't believe that i'm such a blooming idiot. That was the cap to my week....and i've got to do this while teaching someone else how to do my job. oy! And no I didn't cut him a new hole, what could i really say that would make me feel better. Negative vibes hurt me more than they would hurt him. we don't keep a clean house and I've gone through his mail and seen bills from two and three months prior which were never opened. what else could i have really expected. i mean what good would it have done. i haven't paid my share in anything since january. not that i don't have the money, he just never gets around to telling me how much i owe. and boy if you want money from me, you betta ask for it...even if i owe you. yelling at him would just make the house more tense than it is...and me more upset at the whole banality of my life. so i let it go. it's not completely his fault. and he seemed sorry. what would you have said? i just hate it was those rights and the shows in a couple of weeks. *~*~*~*~*~*~* Thank you guys for the hugs. it really did help...and thank you Amy for talking with me on the phone. We're aquarians girl, we have to make the world a better place because no one else will do it. and you've already kicked him where it hurts. kick him again for me! *~*~*~*~*~* we're spring sprang sprunging. this entire weeked we had only 5 of the dancers (out of a cast of 14) at rehearsals. So, we're off to a very good start. i'm tired and crabby at the moment. but i'm not going to sweat it either. some people keep offering suggestions and arguing with the director and choreographer about how to do certain steps which is simply prolonging the time i have to spend out in the sun. dang i just want people to shut up and let's get this thing blocked and choreographed. time is awasting. we got character ideas today. we're a band of gypsies and even though i come to many of the rehearsals and am part of the "inner family" i was obviously adopted....yeah that's what my director said to me today. daggers and kicks. daggers and kicks. i will make it through the next two months. i know i will. i have to. actually, i don't want to talk about this anymore. *~*~*~*~ I'm going to try and go into work tomorrow early so that i can actually situate myself before the new person comes in. I called one of my agents on friday...and she assured me that they will continue to look for jobs. I've just been applying for stuff on the web willy-nilly. i would like the editor job at citysearch, but i don't think my current resume shows me in the best light for that position. i may just have to make another one. it's real hard being a jake-of-all trades--especially when you want to get real work. welp, i kick it to you guys a little later. it's time for a water break. la. I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.