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February 13: Saturday's allrite by me

~this is an entry i sent into this End of the Century Webpage, this guy is catalouging everyday of the year...Should be an interesting read wants it's all done. February 13 Staying up til the cows come marching home Well, the day started out slovenly. I awoke at 1pm to a slight headache. That's what hangovers will do for you. I had rehearsal in two hours that was going to last the rest of the day (10pm to be exact). argh... So of course instead of getting ready, what do I do but sit on the couch and watch television until I'm almost late for rehearsal. And I'm the director! I'd had way too much fun on Friday night. Sometimes that happens. Yesterday when I was reading my horoscope, it told me to make time for friends and to have a ball. Who am I to tell the stars that they are wrong and that I should sit in my house alone and sulk? Oh no, not me. And besides, I really needed that nice soiree. I had a fight with Josh at work, it was over something extremely silly, but because we both always have to be write and never back down from each other, it escalated into the point to where I thought it was truly the end. But I'm also overly dramatic and blow things out of proportion, so it's probably just another blip on the TeKay/Josh argument-o-rama. but I'm still right: afternoon means afternoon. For about only the fifth time in my life, I've been invited to more parties than I could ever attend. And some I didn't even know that I had been invited to. Yeah, that's what got me into the whole mess of a hangover on saturday morning. Five parties in two days is more than any man can take. Rehearsal was fine. The show is going up at the end of this week and we seem to be ready. There is some tweaking that I still need to do with the cast because some of them simply don't know how to use their bodies on stage. But they are wrong, that skill takes time to develop in everyone. During the rehearsal breaks, David (my co-director), Leslie and I head off to Boston Market for a quick bite and then to Wal-Mart and Michael's to buy props and costuming for the show. I ended up buying three Wonder Woman Pez dispensers for Josh and Eris, that I wanted to give to them as a surprise. The three of us are Wonder Women. W00! Of course we get back to the rehearsal studio late, that's me...i'm on CP/TK time, and we run through the show one more time, this run goes much more smoothly than the first one, but there still seems to be missing a certain je ne sais quoi. The show doesn't suck completely, but you can tell that I haven't put much thought into the direction. I think I'm getting burned out--especially after the rehearsal process that I had with A WOMAN'S WORK. The lightbulbs aren't going off in the performers heads as to why they are onstage...and force once I really don't have any good motivational quip to give them, to help them understand. Argh. After rehearsal it's off to parties #3, #4, and #5. My fraternity had it's pledge/big brother mixer last nite. I get there at the ungodly hour of 11pm and it's almost over...apparently the pledges wore the brothers who bothered to show up, out. That's a good sign for the pledge class. I got into a tickling match with one of my brothers, it felt good just to touch him again. One of the pledges called me old and that didn't go over well. What a way to make a first impression on an really want in, don't you. So after that druken debacle, I headed over to the Mardi Gras party with the theatre group. Hmmmmm, that was more than interesting...of course we kept to ourselves and didn't mingle with the non-arts. Leslie of course had to be told not to dance on the tables, well at least she wasn't crying like normal. The third party was almost over by the time I got there at 2am, I hung out with the host in his bedroom until his girlfriend and his "friend" decided they needed to talk in the bathroom. We all went downstairs and hung out into the kitchen until 3am, when the people who were left headed off to party #4 (Not me, I decided to head home). 5am isn't to late to head off to bed is it? Night-Night everyone...rehearsal is in a couple of hours.