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no news/displaced

SHE HASN'T TOLD YET! ARGH! THEY ARE PLANNING A PARTY FOR ME TOMORROW AS PART OF MY BON VOYAGE. and it hit today when the announcement for the party went out (it's one of two parties whee) that this could be it. i have no doubts that i can get another temp assignment and the fact that i'd prefer the other job (though ya know i still don't have an interview with them yet either) the waiting is stressing me out. so i'll probably hang here to 6pm when she normally goes home. she's on a conference call at the moment. rehearsal went so well last nite. i actually saw a glimpse of a show. our schedule is confuzzled (opening nite THURSDAY at which i won't be in attendance) and two shows on saturday and one on sunday. eek-a-mouse. i really do have a headache, so i can't write much more now. i'm getting the jitters. 30 minutes later.... well, i guess i better write now, I didn't get the job. Displaced. DISPLACED! I hate that fucking word now. I was equally qualified for the position, but because the displaced employee needed the job, she got it over me. I'm okay with it in a sense, just the rejection is hitting me right now. the realization that i really do have to start a new position next week and that i have to leave the security of this department without knowing what the future holds. david said last nite that i wouldn't get the position because i'm supposed to get the one in HR. let's fucking hope he's right. I now have A LOT of shit to pack up and cart off today and tomorrow. you know me. but i think i'm going to like the speakers...tee hee. i've gotta run now. rehearsal wants for no man. DAMN. see y'all tomorrow. the clock waits for no one. even if you are on TeKaytime.