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April 1: trying to contain my happiness

okay this job that i just got has the potential to rock all of gilbraltar... we're testing out monday the 9am arrival time, it may not happen but the person who told me to do it went with the adage of try something and be told to stop instead of never trying anything at all. i'm finaling working in a public relations field GO DEGREE IN JOURNALISM. whee doggie. though i'm a contract employee still and really just an admin to boot, but i'm sure that my savvy will be able to make this into something much bigger, if i choose to do so. They seem like a fun bunch of people over in the department but you can never tell with some folks. my boss is heavy into the whole DRAMA scene and is on the board of director for Brightleaf Scholars Music that should be something interesting...i'll probably get free tickets this summer to the concert. i saw the BOBS this great a cappella group perform at this conference several years ago, one of the best performances i've ever attended and got cool autographs. as well the jazz group New York Voices performed. mmmmm love vocal jazz. but guess what? it's not really a tangent. I'm so incredibly excited. This friday I'm co-producing an a cappella competition at Johns Hopkins University. The NCCA south regional showcase...blah blah blah... ANYHOW....Ball in the House...this professional group out of BOSTON has just agreed to perform at the Concert for FREE!!!!!!!!! Fuckin' A i'm trembling with excitement over here. these guys are amazing. contempo a cappella with vocal percussion. w00. now all i have to do is be able to feed them and it's golden. The only thing i'm apprehensive about this concert is the fact that there is a lot of money tied up in it and I don't have a contract. it didn't help any that my horoscope said on monday that people were out to screw me financially over the next couple of days. that didn't bode well with me. argh. i hate talking finances with anyone, i get all gooey inside and the thought makes my head spin. i don't know why. i guess i've never had any money growing up to really make it matter and now that i'm older, i don't know how to handle the little bit that i do have or how to make people who owe me money give it to me. or get my fair share. okay okay, that wasn't a tangent i was planning on going down...but nevertheless... ~*~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~* The Merry Wives of Windsor production is going interestingly. oh joy. eek, i've dedicated my life to 10 productions of this. argh. though i do have another line, which i guess i better learn quickly. wait i'm not even going to be there for it. whew. one more day of procrastination. *~*~*~~*~*~ Performing is the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. Wheeee!