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June 25b: life in a northern town

Eliza and I were talking about our lives and her issues with her job and my namesake whom's she's dating,(isn't that a coinky-dink!) when Nancy came home. W00000, nancy and I shared a very special relationship when she was at carolina summer. we were the outsiders of the group...but not so much as being outside of the group but more of not being paired with anyone else. and that was okay. we had a connection. Eliza kept trying to make a phone call (as you will soon find out...we all had phone call issues throughout the weekend.) She's trying to get a new job and they are trying to dick her over on payment/salary. I won't get to see Nancy that much today because she has to go to Concord to prepare for this wedding (she's a bridesmaid). So tonight is my nite with eliza and i'll spend monday with nancy. So we decide to go eat ice cream and i fail to mention to the girls that I'm lactose intolerant, but it also doesn't stop me from eating the ice cream (frozen yogurt) anyway. i'm so cheeky. Boston is getting weirder by the minute. I was informed thqt if I want to order a milkshake (you all know what is, right?) I would have to order a milkshake frappe. WTF? But i did get another glimpse at the dialect/accent that is bostonian, what a hoot. Cliquy Bitch Karen has a very strong accent. wheee. Over the ice cream we make decisions as to how we're getting to campus and what eliza and I are going to eat for dinner before the concert. but first we have to figure out how we're getting to TUFTS. yay public transportation. I haven't yet thought about the fact that I'm near Harvard and all those Ivy Leagues. Tufts has some ugly dorms...and the aforementioned lack of airconditioning was also a problem, but the room was a hop-skip-and a jump from where we were going to hold the summit. And hell i was only paying $40 for the entire weekend. I threw my stuff into the room and tried to arrange it a little a bit so that it would feel not so dorm roomish. Eliza was getting hungry and I had told Amy that I would meet her at the Theatre around 6 or 6:30pm. I was trying to make plans for the concert and as to whether or not i was going to have to pay. CAN I GET A HOOK UP? So we head out the door and stop this woman to find out how to get to Davis Square and the Theatre. and we start walking. it really was a short jaunt, just it was up hill. and eliza being the physical specimen that she was no problem for her. i think i held my own though. We were the first ones to get to the theatre...and we were late. so i pretend that i'm important and we go into the theatre to have a sit down in the cool cool air and wait. we listened to five o'clock shadow soundcheck. they did this one song and just a segment of it over and over and weee-oooo weee-ooo i think my head is still ringing with that sound. eliza is getting really hungry by this time, but still no important people, so we leave to go get something to eat. Well, this is my first experience with WRAPs at this quaint little shop much like you'd find on Ninth Street in durham. and the food was good...and they had SMOOTHIES so i wouldn't be without my fix over the weekend. it was thai-seared tofu (oh yeah, most of my friends have become vegetarians now.) eliza said it wasn't as good as it usually is, but since i had nothing to compare it too, i thought it was great. When we walked back to the theatre i saw Don but didn't speak to him (he intimidates me a whole lot), but i did hear someone speaking with a slight canuckian accent and of diminutive stature...JESSIKA! I can't even begin to discuss how great it was to finally meet her. She's my managing editor for THE CAN and now she's actually my executive producer for the National Championship of Collegiate A cappella. She means the world to me and is one tough cookie. She doesn't let me feel slack about myself. Thank god, i actually have a lot of friends like that. I need them all. I met some of my fellow CASA ambassadors then: CARLES is from Barcelona, and Jim from Canada, and Johan from The Netherlands. But I hadn't seen amy yet. until about a minute later. i snuck up on her at the Mainely A cappella Table. We have a great telephone/email relationship, and it was more of the same in person. she's a terrific woman as well and our birthdays are a week apart. This was going to be a great weekend. So i BUY tickets (well i give money to Eliza because she could get a student discount) and we head up to the balcony. *~*~*~*~*~*~*~* OH MY FuCKING GOD. We're sitting right behind Toxic Audio and Richard "Bob" Greene. Richard is one of the MAJOR PLAYERS in the a cappella world. The Bobs have performed all over the world and have some of the wittiest song lyrics out there. And Toxic Audio is a Disney performing group which has hit the world like a mad house. They are very energetic and extremely nice. Their drummer was in the competition that nite and they (like all disney people i know) were highly entertaining...especially when Paul wasn't performing. tee hee. I won't even begin to talk about the competition because there will be a review coming out in the CAN. but suffice it to say, I understand why Samrat won. Jeff was my favorite because he was an amazing replicator of drum sounds. he wasn't flashy but if you closed your eyes you would have thought that someone was PLAYING drums on stage and not SPITTING them. Liza and I were just both glad that **** didn't win. he was too much of a showman. and unfortunately elaine just wasn't up to snuff on her solo. I am glad that Mo tied samrat though. yeah to the black man. Liza was begginning to feel ill (she hadn't slept either) so she left before the concert started. oh my i should talk about mr. metcalf the rapper and some of the inane lyrics he was spewing. oh my. i'll regale you later. the concert was great. i actually liked Honey and the Bees and FOCS now sound was very hot. and some of them actually looked a lot better than they did just a year ago. though stack shouldn't wear a mesh shirt. they really are going for the rock look. the lead singer of HATB was a hottie, though :-d mmm mmmm. After the concert there were two parties...and I actually got invited to the VIP party. I rode with 'ka and her pretty cute friend jamey. OPEN BAR. And get this...I was asked to be on the opening panel to discuss A cappella in the 21st century. Oh mi god. i didn't have enough time to come to my senses and say "hell, no!" who was i to be talking about this and opening up the summit. it was my first time being there. but what a way to get introduced to the community. now what the hell am i going to talk about? after the party, amy takes me back to my hot dorm room, and i shower and sleep naked. yeah i know you wanted to know tomorrow is going to be really really interesting. la. Sometimes you really just want to be a cheap trick.