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July 22: A Fond Farewell

So tomorrow is the second in the official last days of this job. it was confirmed that one of my supervisors has agreed to pay me for next week as part of a "two-week" notification. but i don't think that i actually have to be in the office. i also have to use my vacation time that my temp service owes me... that means i get paid TWICE for next week. won't that be a kick in the ass. *~*~*~*~* i have an interview tomorrow for anoter contract position here. my agent begged me to do well in the interview because apparently the people she's been sending haven't faired well with this group. it's in worldwide project planning and true to form, the person who is taking over my position has worked with them in the past. go figure (that was for you IAIN) *~**~*~*~ i actually like dee a lot...we would be friends had she not been the person to replace me. yes, she's sorta stupid...but i have plenty of people that i know who are like that. she doesn't know a lot about being an admin asst...(see that whole interview thing is getting shadier by the minute.) and she really doesn't have the credentials for the job. they just wanted me out of there. so i should be happy to leave right. in a way i am. there are other opportunities to explore. i just can't seem to get these damn wings flapping so that it happens. *~*~*~*~*~* ADMINISTRATIVE STUFF. The links page has been updated a bit. dantew00. oh damn kyle, i'm sorry i forgot to add your site. flog me silly tomorrow and i'll change it at work...i'm being kicked out of the lab at the moment. and i think a couple of my links are wrongs...oops. We're going on a bit of a hiatus...yeah isn't that the word for 1999...on the site itself until i get a new job (or just spend all of next week on campus in the computer lab.) i don't have a ftp program yet to start moving to bluesilver...but i really am looking forward to that. i can actually get back into the files now at tripod, after sending them a hateful note about it. argh argh. look for some new design changes. yay!'s off for some something. *~*~*~*~*~* la. I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.