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bye bye

so i said goodbye to the job on friday. it was rough. got slightly tipsy at lunch (on the job. w00 h00!) but had an okay time. someone in my department quit on the same day so there's hope that i'll at least come back here to temp. we shall see. i got a nice mug, a gift certificate, and a card and a not so good dinner (my fault). my boss told me not to pack yet, because of the whole gotta sort out the job situation here deal. so i should hear in a couple of days. got an interview for the HR position. I'm STOKED. okay the show....because i'm on borrowed time...i'll have to finish this entry later. I KNOW you want to know about the show. you just haveta come back a read. i've gotta run now. rehearsal wants for no man. we hang lights tonight. DAMN. see y'all tomorrow. the clock waits for no one. even if you are on TeKaytime.