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okay, so i turned down the job offer...(for the temp assignment). while i was on the fon doing that, the other agent told her that i had a job possibly waiting after i hear something on thursday. yay me. BUT the best most stressful news that i got today. I'm being considered for the human resource position. have i ranted about that in here yet? i mean it's the perfect job in the long run. benefits, growth opportunities, exciting work. why is that stressful? because i haven't been called for an interview, yet, supervisor is going to make a decision regarding this position today and announce it tomorrow (and then she's leaving for a week so i know she'll want an answer from the person by friday at the latest.) AND I HAVEN'T even interviewed for the other position, yet. even though the person called TODAY to make sure that my resume had been turned in (i mean the supervisor). so that there's a good shot that i would be a great candidate for it. so it's causing a little fear and loathing on my part. but things work out in threes and if i get this other interview, it'll be the third that i've had this week. oh my oh my. rehearsal tonight for a woman's work--the final title. i've most of act one blocked in static format and will work more tonight developing the flow, and have the rest of the show blocked by tomorrow. it could really really happen. hearsay rehearsal went well last nite, also. still trying to fight amongst ourselves. and still clash of the titans. egads...and i think it was obvious that i didn't know my music. oops gotta correct that. we're having freaky scheduling problems...yargh. i've gotta run now. rehearsal wants for no man. DAMN. see y'all tomorrow. the clock waits for no one. even if you are on TeKaytime.