August 31: funky title goes here

This is a springboard for future discussion... sometimes you just have to get your thoughts down

*******special report************

breakfast: grits, bacon, 1 pancake lite syrup

lunch: moravian chicken pie, stewed peaches. *********************************

--there you go babykins

i awoke at 7:45am after a fitful nite's sleep. and of course i was late (5 minutes) to work, but got here before everyone else.

okay. I had a pretty interesting weekend. one that was long and often hot, but full of surprises and sadness. the festival is OVER. OVER did ya hear me, jesus.

only a couple of people came to the cast dinner that i had set up for saturday afternoon. mainly because the androcles cast didn't bring anything to eat so they didn't really want to mingle with everyone else. those people had the roughest of summers. wow. but the people who did show up had a really good time

. i performed in the sprung matinee earlier. i believe we sold out of our cast recordings. that is completely amazing. and hopefully we have enough money to cover all of our expenses and the payroll. the audience turnout wasn't what our publicity guy expected (he who was wanting to start another company off of the revenue from this festival) the 10s of thousands turned into about 2 thousand total.

ha ha ha, i say.

moving on. i realized on sunday that i wouldn't be able to listen or really talk to any of the members of hearsay. i couldn't bear it. so i left during their performance time to go to a pauper players' meeting. it was a good distraction though i missed warming up with the tennessee cast. i did have to talk to steph beforehand and she told me that she loved me and not to be a stranger. okay whatever that's pushing my buttons in so many ways. they have rehearsal tonight in which i'm sure they are going to dissect their performance. i did hear them sing one of the songs that i that i hated were still bad, but some of it was good.

and lance came to see sprung! with his kids and so i talked to him afterwards. i was trying not to be rude. just trying.


so we're doing pippin!!! yeah yeah yeah, and OH NO! now i really have work to do and i'm going to be working with wad. eek!

and jen novak is going to be our choreographer. she caused so much duress last semester, but i like her.


augh, another one has bitten the dust. i was recently told that a pp member thinks that i hate her and she was spilling her guts in a big way to someone else, who naturally told me. it's not that i don't like her, but she treated someone that i hold VERY DEAR in a not so nice manner last year...and you may not know, but i hold grudges for a very long time. so for the record i don't HATE this girl, and she's very sweet and talented, but she's also very pushy and a little overconfident for my tastes. i would like to be her friend and am learning how to extend the olive branch.


i'm beginning to like this job in a way. but i'm trying to find means of escape as well.


oh my. i called home the other day and my mother's answering machine said: "l**** and shana aren't at home at the moment, please leave a message at the sound of the tone." with a baby's crying as the background noise.



thank you pookie for the postcard. so that's one less notification list i can rely on, huh?


oooooo we have a radio program started at STATE that's all a cappella for two hours. i am more than jazzed.


and i'm working on a diversity multicultural program at work. could lead to other opportunities.

and with that i bid adieu....good nite everyone!



I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.