August 28: plugging my holes

See i was going to write a light-hearted entry the other day because I'm getting a new custom made head-set at work. (see what i've become, I'm f#&@% excited about a operator's headset for a phone. yeeeeesh!)

And the gook that they squirt into your ear to make the plastic cast for the earphone makes you feel all swimmy headed and the man had to put a foam cushion (similar in shape and function of a tampon) into my ear so that the plastic stuff didn't run down into my eardrum and make me deaf for life. so my hole was plugged. get it?



but i'm not in such a happy go lucky mood now. i haven't really done anything the past two days on the job, 1) because both of my supervisors were out, and 2) there wasn't a whole hellofa lot for me to do. yeah yeah i could be reading up on policies and organizing my desk like they asked me too, but really.

i know this job is going to be good for me. hopefully, it will get me out of this total lackadasical slump that horrible work ethic that i've put myself into over the past few years.


the weirdness with roommate continues. WE ATE POPCORN together on wednesday nite. POPCORN. we've got to stop, next thing you know we're going to be sleeping together.


Dang it. I drove home today during "lunch" because I was running behind this morning, so i left my costume for the show tonight in the laundry basket. when i arrived at my doorstep, i looked around and was thinking that there was an awful lot of free space on the front porch. it was so open and airy and i couldn't figure out why....

GOD DAMN IT. i've been robbed again. Some fucker took the patio furniture (you know those plastic chairs) off of my front porch. I mean what the was probably in broad daylight, though i don't remember looking for them this morning. THEY were just not there. i'm angry because my mom gave me those chairs. granted they weren't upkept very well, but they were mine. and their are chairs on almost every other porch on our street...why was i targeted. I am so sick of living in Durham that i don't know what to do. this shit is getting ridiculous. and i'm especially sorry that i'm cursing. that's not helping any...

and the roommate was happy that they were gone. ugh. he didn't even know that they were mine.


My knees are still bugging the crap out of me. i'm taking the glucosimine again to help the formulation of cartilage. it's hard doing sprung with my knee joints wanting to snap out from underme. but i will perservere.

speaking of sprung! the theatre pit was muddier today than it was last week. and guess who decided to do a backflip right into the middle of it. so that he could steal yet more attention to himself and away from the ensemble nature of the show.


oh and more and more weirdness. i'm plugging all the holes. those of you who've read me for awhile know that i used to call this guy Patrick "BOHE." it stands for bastardization of human existence. and that's what he was...but not anymore. i think we've come to an understanding. we actually had a conversation and stephanie wasn't around, just the two of us for more than an hour. i found out a lot of stuff about him (he's had 11 years of classical training in voice and started out at carolina as a voice major) wow. so yeah we are "friends" now. no more of that biting sarcastic shit that was going down for the past couple of years and categorized a whole section of my friends. i don't talk to a lot of those people anymore...and when I do their comments and criticisms don't have the same affect on me anymore.

i guess when you plug all the holes the essence of you stops leaking out.



I'm not guaranteed to get it right but i'll have a go.