6-8-99 Updated the Journal Links page.  
Say Hello to the Koolest Kat.

6-3-99 I've been doing a lot of stuff and came up 
with a great redesign for the site.  
iko is almost finished with
the redesign.  
i'm slowly but surely putting stuff up here to go along with it.
should be a pretty cool site then.

entries are slow about being moved over to the webpage.  oh well.  
but soon i'll probably be moving over to another domain anyway, so 
there will be no popups!  yahoo!!!

trauma otherwise, but you knew that.

5-18-99 Okay, I'm adding all of the "tekaytalks" entries that 
I've sent out over the mailing list as actually webpages.  So if you
haven't checked the page in a while, please do so and see the "new" 
entries that are up.

Still waiting for the finished product from Iko.
I think, i'm going to do some more stuff on my own until 
her neato design is finished. she hasn't been communicating with 
me lately, so who knows if she'll ever actually finish it. 
but the alpha version looked good.

there may be some changes done to bio, 411 and the cast list. 
i don't want to change bio that much because i just loved that egyptian background. 

5-7-99 I changed the link on the splash page to "la nouveau" and I changed the background on the journal frontpage. Life is interesting and I'll leave it at that. You really should be on my mailing list.
4-15-99 I haven't done my taxes. I'm just going to through up some new pages because I can't stand this. That new assignment that i lauded below, may be ending soon, my boss got another job. I'm getting sick again because I'm smoking. Life is trying to suck, but i'm not going to let it.
3-25-99 I GOT A NEW TEMP ASSIGNMENT. i can almost call this one a job, because it's another one of those open-ended situations. But the person told me upfront that the job doesn't have an iota of a chance to become permenant. I'm okay with that situation right now, because it's for at least 12 i can at least feel like i'm in a job again and not the fly-by-night precariousness that i'm in at the moment. stephachino's coming back to chapel hill. i don't know exactly how i feel about that just yet. it will be good to have someone who understands me a little bit better to be near again, and have the opportunity to hang out again. but steph was also a major player in the Issue-laden years that i have, and was herself the cause of many sleepless nites. We'll see how it goes. we'll see. and on the illness note i think i've staved off a full blown whatever...but i'm trying to take precautions. there's a whole lot to do this weekend.
3-24-99 I'm sick. it's in the yellow-green color stage...i'm trying to stave it off before it gets to the Kelly and Forest stages. ugh. I've added a couple of journals to PeePing. So check out JEE! and My Boo! Two days left on this job. I had an interview yesterday and I want it which means I won't get it. there may be a problem with a 4 DAY ASSIGNMENT that I have next week which may hamper my selection. I mean fucking A....four days versus a year plus assignment...what is going on here. I slept from 7:40pm til 12:40am last nite and then for 50 minutes each hour until this morning. My nose was running the whole time. I could smite myself for the foolishness in which i partook last weekend. la.
3-22-99 I've got about three new entries that I need to upload. I've edited the latest haiku as well, so please check it out. I haven't heard anything back from IKO or that Silver girl so I'm not sure when the design will be in das effect. I got two feet (beats in iambic pentameter) in the show last friday. I get to say "to the laundress/" yeah that's to indicate that there is more to the line that I DON'T GET TO SAY. The Oscars...whew! go check out my other endeavor GWEN. tah tah. oh, and i screwed up the dance in the show on saturday, my oh my.
3-16-99: new entry, slight design change with the entry, and i got a hello from a fellow journaller because i'd been going to his site so often. check out Naze
3-15-99: YAY! I've finally put up a new entry. Go Me. Still waiting for the graphics from Iko so that I can really make this site at least more visually stimulating. I know that I need to work on my writing skills and that will be the next issue that I tackle. Wheelchair Dancer is going well. I may be invovled with another children's production this summer. Michele is actually a hoot at times. (but i still don't want this job forever). superleroy has a new beau. Go read THE TESTAMENT.
3-11-99: I've fixed some of the links on the OTHER JOURNALS page and added some new ones as well. you should check them out. the show opened yesterday and my boss read about it in the paper. she seems a lot happier now-a-days and a lot happier with me. and i haven't changed anything. i don't have ANY lines in Merry Wives of Windsor, it's all physical comedy on my part, but i do get a free headshot out of it, so tit for tat. gotta love it.
3-9-99: I'm redesigning parts of the site...little by little. I have also renamed the's now nillachino. I'll be making the announcement officially once i get the graphics from iko. two weeks until this job is OVER! the show opens tomorrow morning. it will be the least polished show that jelly has done since samuel and the wishards, but but the end of the run it's going to be slamming. and i got cast as servant #2 in The Merry Wives of Windsor sight unseen..w00h00 moving up in the world i see.

3-2-99: I've joined a new webring...DRAMA appropros. and i'm beginning to get afraid of this job. and i'm here way after hours and will be in serious trouble i'm sure tomorrow.