Meet the bitches!

Tina the Troubled Teen
frank hiding in the back...we didn't know him then.

i love the night life

cliquey in the city

Sally Chou

josh hill, that's jessbrinn in the middle, and eris

missy mink and catherine skidmore...w00

and this is what she looks like

ooo this is fr@nk and he's underage....

Sue O'Connor: i'm a big fan! huge!

cristen is going to kill me....thanks for letting me into your index

a black woman who is not eris...GENEVIEVE!

Dona and Greg snuggling

TMI sabs: my latin mama

someone's (namely jennifer) has many many issues

Because I have weird "friends" rebekah rebekah rebekah....yeesh!

I'm not saying anything about this picture except it's joci, stephen, and anji

eris' babies...andrew's the blonde fr@nk is the brunet

i love julie p. danao and so does manelli (the redhead)