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last show. i really want to go, but i don't think at this moment that i can really afford it.  if
any of you want to donate to the cause well give me duckets.

ummm, so after rehearsal, i talked to jon, he's the director of gyspy and i'm apparently his mentor.
he is really stressed about this show...and so i've offered to help him as best as i can.  there are
several hundred things that are going wrong with this production.  first there is no staff.  eris,
i can't begin to tell you how much you are missed at carolina.  on so many levels.  there was the 
usual, eris needs to come to chapel hill so that we can go out on the town.  i responded: "well, 
she doesn't have a car, couldn't you go to raleigh."  typical response: "oh yeah."

but anyway eris, you are missed.  there are two stage managers listed and of the five rehearsals that i've
been to, they have been at ONE rehearsal.  it is a company of first-timers and it's making everyone sick.

they don't know what they are doing.  and i'm trying not to go in with the attitude that i know everything
and can solve all of their problems...and i told jon all of that.  i would be willing to help but not take
over.  i mean to be non-pc just to give you a run down, the DEAF music director (i mean he really does
wear a hearing aid) doesn't know how to conduct vocal rehearsals (they've had non, jon has been the music
director as well),  three choreography hasn't been completed for all of act one and the show opens in three
weeks...they just got the script for act two last week. no time for character development.  the producer hasn't 
been to a single rehearsal, the administrators have disappeared (eris you would so be ruling that company right
now it's not even funny.  not one bit.) the producer doesn't know what he's doing...the costumer has done any 
fittings...the band hasn't rehearsed at all--but that is to be expected.  still having blocking issues with the
CABARET, the cast doesn't know each other...the list goes on and on...

so i'm going to see what kind of show doctoring i can do....this should be an exiciting adventure.

i think that's all....

oh and of course, i've called jacq several times today and no answer and she's the has the directions to 
the place we're rehearsing tonight in henderson.  

this should be a doozie, i'm telling you.


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