PeePing Thom

I spend a lot of time on the web reading other people's journals.  These are a 
few that I've been drawn to again and again.  Take a peak and bring your 

Friends Sites, plug plug

set your monkey free: I don't have the address for the new site, but you can start here.
sassafras: josh, an amazing poet
how goes it?: this is my baby fr@nk's new page. let's call it a new start.
sue-a-palooza: suebaby and i have been thru some stuff.
catherine: that's all i can say, she's original.
VASQUEZ!: cause she deserves all capitals
stephanji: where the mind and the body melds
JEE!: you can read all about jenben's world
My Boo!: jay treked his a$$ to nyc on a $ and a prayer...and it seems to be working
sassy drama: oo kathleen cracks me up. she got a phat job in nyc and now may be gigging in chicago this fall. kudos, girl!
slice of life: jennpease's website. THIS IS NOT A CRACK!

Mandatory Daily PeePing

inside: patrick cleary and I share a lot of common frustrations about our lives, his writing has an elquence i enjoy .
dreama lynn: this precious shining sums it all up. indebted to her.
gracefully yours: when i need the positive in my life....which is always.
private goes public: i want to be in paris with lohengryn....that's all that matters.
the mighty kymm: the queen mother of online journaling...funny
just me: renee is the matriarch (and younger than me) of the online journaling community
squishy: pamie is one of the funniest people i read.
scherzi & sospiri: columbine simply tells it in her journal.
Xeney: you know some days you just have bad hair.

Frequent PeePing

IKO!:she's a new one and we share a love of collegiate a cappella.
Days of Naze: Christopher is a great writer and lives in the pacific northwest, i have him peek in on my father.
et cetera: he is bound for greatness...he's 18 and about to start Columbia...and i'm watching it happen.
Blue Skied: I still find it hard to believe that James chucked it all one day and flew to New Zealand.
w00 w00: incredible content and truth if you know where to search.

Occassional PeePing

isaac's site: white boy with a heart of gold.
thelowdown: it's a snooper journal for snooper journals.


slander (a state of dementia): not even able to describe this just have to visit it.
geeku: charles got me putting poetry up
midas' hair dresser: just read it...she's mathematically brilliant