Another one of those personality profiles that you love doing...

i've erased my answers, but see if the description still fits.

and the link The Room

Your choice reveals a person who is very much a cheery
optimist. You regularly exhibit "soft, airy, fluffy" behaviour, expressed
as a magical metamorphism into weird and wonderful new shapes (as the wind
blows). In all your endeavours you need room to breathe, frequently
telling others to "Relax." As valiantly sunny as you are, you do have a
darker side. You store up pain until you burst into tears while the
heavens ring out with songs such as, "Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head".
Although your eye is fixed on the horizon, deep in your inner self you may
have a secret wish to be a flight attendant, (coffee, tea or me) while
watching blue movies and crying the blues with Ella Fitzgerald. 
Off beat syncopation may not be the most recognized form of passion, but
it reflects a certain sophistication that put you and your special friend
on a plane that is airy, light and just slightly over the edge. You both
enjoy the finer things in life and will continue in your search for new
experiences - together. 
The choice reveals a deeply practical, yet radical individual who inspires
friends and family to work alongside in peace and harmony, toiling with
transparent glee and the refreshing innocence of youth
Your problems are unique to such a good-looking individual. Beneath that
metalica exterior you hide all traces of difficulties. You are the essence
of cool when you are empty, but the truth of your travails is sometimes
smeared on your smiling face much to your humiliation. 

Your future is clearly laid out for you. You attack each day with a
no-nonsense business attitude. Your cool, streamlined demeanor may lead
people to think you are aloof, but you prefer to view yourself as
eminently practical with a clear, warm face that everyone can read easily.
And then you zone out. 


Any comments.  the last line blew me away as it's so dead on.