September 21:don't that beat all

Okay, I have several very long entries coming to you guys (which some of you have read parts of) regarding my weekend excursion to New York City and the more journalistic aspects of that trip.

Well, work being the bitter bitch (though THOROUGHLY enjoyable--imagine that) and actually making me work for most of the afternoon (imagine that)...I did not have the chance to make said changes to the email. I have to zip off to Duke for my naked patient display again in about 15minutes. Argh. busy busy.

so I thought I'd write about some other days to tide you over til dinner.

Got a little scare last nite at the first rehearsal/meeting of Pippin. CuteJesus{tm} wasn't there and word had it that he wasn't going to be in the show because of "a time conflict" for monday-wednesday until October 12. Shit. I did not want him pulling a Tally2[tm] like the other kid whom I hope gets lockjaw and is never able to perform on this campus! f@#k supreme diction.

anyhoo wade has agreed to his rehearsal schedule and I just have to yank him out of several songs that i was going to exploi...oops i mean use...opps i mean ask him to sing in. even though he's better than a third of the male cast vocally...he's not there/he don't get to play. blah dow!

the reading went well, though overly long because wade kept giving directing notes during the first reading. oops....i have to keep him on his toes or he's going to bore and educate the cast to death.


god, i've fallen for another co-worker. doesn't help that his cube is right beside mine or that today he decided to wear jeans that were two sizes two small so that he was on display everytime he walked by me. oh no, i can handle it.


it did give me a brief sweatfest though. not good.


Moment of clarity over the weekend when i realized that my choreography and musical direction skills were going onstage in a professional production company in a matter of two weeks. egads...more about that later.


ps. remember the "paper" incident.



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