October 7: making headway

I have a contract job interview/slash on the burners at CP&L.

That's a commute to Raleigh, but damn if i'm not going to try and jump on it. I have to call them tomorrow because I missed the telephone today and yes it really is almost 1am and i'm still on campus.

ugh ugh ugh. better play now though...a 45 minute commute is rough that early in the morning. and i will reiterate that i'm not much of a morning person. hence the reason i'm still up at 1 am.

many other things happening, but i'm sleepy now.

the tears never came full force. i've just got to get my shit out of their servers and those women can go do some self-love. i'm going to ask josh if he'll help me with that. maybe he will and maybe he won't.


i'm getting a pedicure tomorrow i think. wh333333!

and my friend holly's in town. g-d i have to tell you about her, i had one of my crushes on her when we were back at snow camp ah those many years ago. i have a page of her here. but of course i can't think of the url for it right now. argh.

to be truthful, i had a crush on she and her boyfriend of the summer. it was one of the last vestiges of my heterosexuality. but g-man was simply fine. a bit fucked in the head...but his penis wouldn't quit (yes i saw it, what else are you gonna do when you go skinny dipping.). he was my first short man crush. box for days.

but anyway, holly and he were a tight couple in the little nippy group, as we called ourselves...though g-man flirted heavily with poem-girl and had another "friend" come down and visit him during the summer. that's a whole nother menage a trios that i'll have to recall one day.

so i love holly dearly. and to see her in the flesh is such a treat.




I'm extra-ordinary, I need to do extraordinary things.