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The attempt to silence a man is 
the greatest honor you can bestow on him. 
It means that you recognize 
his superiority to yourself.

óJoseph Sobran

11-18-98: drama drama drama chameleon....

w00 this is me in a nutshell... drama. more drama. that's all i can say. but i think a new breeze is blowing. i think this is a good thing. hopefully i still have a friend or two and it looks like i still have a singing group i'm not wanting to jump on the I HATE TRIPOD bandwagon...but. shit is fucked. going to eat a free meal. they are always good. coherency returns at a later date. calgon. PAHTIES! okay so friday nite i go to the lorelei concert and to the second act of gypsy. i was going to hit both parties because i'm desperate for attention like that. argh argh argh...i had this big indepth review of the parties i went to over the weekend. some were phat, most were not some were even skipped. how's that for new attitude. random hook-ups -->unfortunately not me<-- bros being called players who in actuality are just weird.
let's talk about other people in the cast, because that's more than anything else we have in common that we could talk about.
went to three out of the four parties i was invited two over the weekend. bitter caustic phrase here. the friday nite cast party was da bomb. i didn't drink much actually at all...but smoked up some. afraid of my show the next day because i didn't think that i knew the lines. okay i'm rambling and my stomach is growling. time to go to the sheraton. mwah! again thank you cameron please visit her page. we share a bond.

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