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The attempt to silence a man is 
the greatest honor you can bestow on him. 
It means that you recognize 
his superiority to yourself.

óJoseph Sobran

11-16-98: damn

w00 this is me in a nutshell...'s taken me a while to get back here, because events over the past couple of days have precluded anything productive and non-life threatening to be placed up here. I'm sorry about the events that went down last week. to those I've offended, I apologize. to those i've spoken to about the issue, you know where i stand on the situation. I will no longer use the acronym wgwmc out loud. it's kaput. anyone else is free to use it as they deem necessary or approapriate. i may still use it here...but remember that it's based on an ideal and not really the people that were once in that grouping. my own psychosis. i've cleared everything with the irish lass. but others are still mad at me for reasons unknown. i hope we can get past this drama that i've caused and move forward. and that's the last i'll say about the issue. though one thing. i never thought i'd have to put one of those disclaimer pages on my journal...but suffice it to be known that these are my words and my opinions on issues in my life. know they may not be things that i'd directly say to someone's face. does that make me a bad person? a coward? two-faced? and online/in person dichotomal personality? whew. okay updates thursday nite was the opening for gypsy and pick up 6...both went amazingly well. i mean really. i wasn't at gypsy or even able to go by there because of the emotional imbalance that i was faced with thursday after updating the page. but other than being a slow was pretty good for the cast and crew. now pu6 on the other hand. i was there. we ended up singing 45 minutes later than i couldn't go to gypsy afterwards either. i was upset that i couldn't pick up eris either so that she could have heard us. there was a problem with the scheduling for both of us, but i'm glad that she went to her review session...she got an A on the exam. w00! they actually listened to us...and this was a crowed bar. but people actually danced around a bit and made jokes and clapped. it was nothing like i expected...and i was scared shitless when we first got to the place. but it was definately an eye-opener for me and the group. we're still having issues on a personality basis...but this could actually work out as a medium time committment opportunity. I'm having the feeling that i'm not going to get into grad school this go-round, so i'll be singing with them for a while. loreleis concert on friday and second act of gypsy. the loreleis were good and solid...not their usual outstanding performances but entertaining. only one loralum showed up (my frat bro lynne) so that was odd. and not many people in the audience because of the basketball game. but the crowd was highly receptive to everything going on. i will say that the concert was extremly short. i mean extremely short. i think the las did a total of 10 songs and not one singly intro. they did introduce the members of the group to take up some time, but you know that's not what a concert makes. so starting at 15 after 8 pm with a 25 minute intermission we were outta there by 9:30pm. egads. the academical village people from uva were in attendance. i'm glad i got to see them as they are in our region for the NCCA/MOCA competitions. these guys were really really fun and full of energy. some of the singing left a lot to be desired... but you could tell that every performance was special to them. and when they asked us to sing along. well you know me....;-p ed note: i'll save all the gypsy comments for later saturday nite was the tar heel voices concert. ah alumni fuckers that i really don't ever want to speak to again for the most part. such a shame. anyway. the concert was really good. they did about 18 songs. still no american tune for the alums but we sang from the audience anyway as they were watching us sing. i think they're getting the message. hope they listen. now for gypsy. something strangely wonderful happened to this show. it caught the pauper player magic in a big way. i mean a big way. we did not really have a show a week ago sunday. but the power of that drama came through over the weekend and everything simply clicked. and you know i'm not one for being overly gushy about anything artistic that i do. so this was a complete surprise to me, especially since the first time i actually saw a full production was on sunday afternoon because i was too nervous on saturday because i had to go on for one of the ensemble members and i had not adequately prepared for any of his roles. but that shit rocked hard in a paupers' since. someone even commented that it was the best paupers' show that they'd ever seen (and of course when i told that to someone her first comment was "did they see chess?") awright get over yourself and that show. it was good, it wasn't tony worthy, sorry. lisa kicked ass...that's all i can saw. she made me first it was the fake weeping i do when i want people to notice me (w0w, i really did just admit that out loud) but then after the show...seeing her with her father and stuff...they became real. i couldn't help me. i was so proud of her and loved her all over again. and yes again i was rejected. but she moved me. i mean ROSE'S TURN meant something. w00. and i will go on record as saying that caroline will become the next comedic star for pauper players if they can keep her in the camp. she doesn't have a particularly loud voice, so that may hinder her in the future. but her comedic touches had us laughing in anticipation of what she might do. but it was all without being distracting. her turn as elektra paralleled erika's, they were different but so enjoyable. i think i did an okay job on saturday afternoon. at least i didn't make the show come to a screehing halt as i feared that i would. parties parties parties...all tomorrow. issues issues issues....i've got to leave you wanting more, don't I? it's what mama rose taught all her babies. mwah! again thank you cameron please visit her page. we share a bond.

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