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The attempt to silence a man is 
the greatest honor you can bestow on him. 
It means that you recognize 
his superiority to yourself.

óJoseph Sobran

11-10-98: trying to play catch's a hard knock life

w00 this is me in a nutshell... Hello everybody, may name is June. What's yours?????????? i am really getting sick and tired of that phrase. the only sad part is that right now. two days before opening. it is really the best part of the show. ah me. so now, i'm designing the lights as well. i'm trying not to get recognition hungry though I know it's a part of my psyche. not one that I am particularly fond of at the moment. but a part of me nonetheless. so i'm kinda frustrated that i'm playing light designer, technical director (i had to help organize the running crews for the stage managers because they didn't know how.), and the assistant to the director (which is currently my title, but don't let me go off on that one, because that is what started this initial tirade), vocal coach and everything else. and all i wanted to do was work as a consultant on the show. but the program is going to reflect whatever it is going to reflect and i'm going to suck it up because it's petty anyway. i want the show to happen it's not going to glorify me one way or the other. so i should just chill commence singing mantra here breathe bitch breathe. i think this is my favorite mantra. so you know what. i don't have to recap this weekend, because that about summed it up right there. frustration beyond compare. but i'm actually having a good time. theatre work is always better than any other work that i could be doing. You know that my 5th year collegiate class reunion was this past weekend. But I didn't feel like participating because I haven't really left the university setting. ya know? I saw three people that I knew. One was the president of our class. i hate him and don't remember his name. The other was a person from my hometown who pretended at first that she didn't know who i was. all i can say booger-eater is that know one ever forgets me. but we didn't stop to talk to each other because we were crossing the streets in opposite directions and neither of us wanted to go the other way. and finally the one person i enjoyed speaking with was a woman from my freshman honors poetry class. cathy michael. we got to know way too much about each other in that class. plastic pink flamingos and sex. w0w. but of course she's now a lawyer and will be making goo-gobs of money in the next year. also i saw two people who i knew i was going to see because it was the clef hanger concert. fuckingfaggotthink[tm] ash and ihaventdecidedimgayyet[tm] clay were there. anyway more about the concert and the cds that i have later. i have to go to gypsy. A capella Update (hey check out this page for me and tell me what you think) A cappella in your face. again thank you cameron please visit her page. we share a bond.

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