My Life is under construction

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The attempt to silence a man is 
the greatest honor you can bestow on him. 
It means that you recognize 
his superiority to yourself.

óJoseph Sobran


w00 this is me in a nutshell... i absolutly adore this dog. i can't explain it. he sums me up like almost no other toy that i know. i'm a cool pup with a hip attitude if there ever was one. ;-p anyway. i'm trying to be a more positive person again. we'll see how long this lasts. so that's part of the reason i think Pochacco is going to be a part of my journal for a while. i just need some simple reminders every now and then. and things have been looking up. i got pissed at rehearsal last nite...but i can deal i just need to take a step back and try to stop doing everything for the glory and just for the experience. it's not my show the weight isn't even on my back if it's good or not. MOVE ON -- stephen sondheim. I just order $65 worth of a cappella cds. and that's making me happy. housejacks, extempo, voc one, and the hot guys from m-pact. exactly exactly exactly. and i have thre Real group coming to me next week that's being shipped free. can you dig it. wheeee. sneaking into the clef concert tomorrow nite is going to be interesting... ooo and i just got admitted to the WOW mailing list and webring. lohehgryn's writing exercise experience for lack of a better word. and because i'm leaving work in a few minutes...i've lost all coherency in what i'm trying to write here. but i think the best of all is the fact that my aunt is about to take me shopping at hecht's so that means at least a new pair of pants for TEKAY. i love my aunt...and you know shopping makes me happy. look how estactic i am that i just dropped almost $100 on cds. and i talked to stephen today which was a treat even though he thinks that he's bothering me when he calls. stephen talk to josh and eris, i'm like that with most of my friends when i'm on the phone with them. have no've just had your status in my life. but it did strike me as interesting...since he's someone that knows me a little. he was shaken by some of the issues that i bring up here. because it's not something that i talk about in my every day life. and it was hard for him to match the two personas, i guess. at first it saddened me a little that i had created another person for myself, but then i realized that i am truly being honest in this forum at least and i'm tired of living a lot of the lies that i have to just to get by everyday. mwahs! all around. listen to gwen's last show clips at joey's site. i'll have clips up (these actually) at the Gwen Stewart page eventually. and if you've come here before 11pm est, you may want to come back again. i might add some more after rehearsal. breathe bitch breathe. i think this is my favorite mantra. again thank you cameron please visit her page. we share a bond.

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