MAY 19: wanting to be orotund

Argh, because i'm in the funk mood again to where I don't actually do anything at work and then leave the office and bemoan the fact that I haven't done anything at work and so the work just keeps piling up...

the cycle continues.

I was almost back on track and then just decided again that i don't give a fuck.


i have to change that if i know what's good for me.

i know that you all are clammering at the bit for the nycjournal entries. (right, you know i was going to the city, right...please say yes. humor me.)

i want to get them done.

jon's gone. he moved back to nyc last week. i miss him. we haven't spoken in a couple of days. i hope everything is okay.

eris is leaving. yep she finally graduated. i'm really proud of her...though i of course didn't get invited to the graduation ceremony. that's a whole new issue that i don't want to create, because she probably didn't invite anyone. ah so. josh is going and i guess he'll tell me how it went.

there is always trauma...but ya know what...i have to let it point.

world keeps spinning and we just want to scream STOP IT.

so now i'm in the the special k hole because not only is this the last season of XENA, PRUE has f--- left CHARMED, and now this.


what? if people are getting all fired up about grosse pointe...then surely they know from which that bitchy campiness came.

may the glamazons rest in peace.

mary cherry, may she live forever!!! you are my heroin.


money money money...and the rat is dead.


I'm extra-ordinary, I need to do extraordinary things.

as old as that quote's still so so true.