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July 13: birthdays birthdays and ya know!

Today is my grandmother's birthday. I believe she is 74 or 75, i'm going to call her in a few minutes, but i'm sure she'll be on the phone talking to scads of people. *****|||: just called her and she's 77!!!!! oh my! I spoke with her on sunday and she said that she'd been thinking about about me. We hadn't seen each other since memorial day weekend. she's off on her trips and me being stuck in chapel hill and not really wanting to go home. she did piss me off a bit though because i told her that i cam home for aunt mamie's funeral and she laughed and said "you won't go see her when she was alive, but you went to the funeral." how could she have said that...well, i know how, she's my grandmother and that's the type of relationship we've had for most of my cognizant life. she apparently won't go to the funeral of someone if she didn't visit them regularly in real life. So yeah, that was a's why you're a fuck-up again moment and good way to start my day. Though she did seem very happy to know that I asked about her birthday. I apparently was the first this year. DING DING for me. oh and i know her anniversary is coming up soon. as is my dad's birthday or something, but who realy cares about that. he went to FRANCE. oo let's not start that again. *~*~*~*~ There is bad news on the homefront. apparently, my cousin has taken after my footpaths. he was asked not to come back to the camp that my aunt had placed him in (an exclusive tennis camp in maryland) for the summer because of shoplifting. he said that he simply forgot that he had the t-shirt on his back. okay. but this wasn't the first such incident. my aunt wanted to keep him in baltimore for the whole summer, but i'm not quite sure she's going to do that now. he's going back with her. damn. I'm jealous, but not really because she does a HELL OF A LOT OF STUFF for me. I mean a lot. A LOT. and i think the invitation is still open for me to move up there with her to stay for a while. the option is getting more and more tempting (though she doesn't know about my sexuality, i don't think.) oooo and apparently, he's getting a little mouth on him. he's thirteen and was talking some definate smack to a couple of the more shall we say "impressionable" campers. good lord. he's not holding up his end of the "LONG" legacy. all of the grandchildren on my father's side have been of the "brilliant" nature. Two Pogue Scholars, a Morehead Scholar, a budding "real" journalist -- not me, bankers, and whatnot. Mar is a washout at 13...just like his father. I feel for him. *~*~*~*~* and today is my friend jasme's birthday. she's turning 26. and now she's singing at the Artistic Escape. she's no longer working or singing with the Refugee Camp...but word is that she may be able to good to WoodStock '99 with them. I don't know what to do with her sometimes...she's great, but can be very demanding in certain ways. it's funny to have her back in my life again at such a close proximity. i told jasme about having my triangulation of strong black women. eris, stephanie, and jasme....and all at the same time. this has been a first when all of their pulls are on full throttle. Well, except for eris, but that's a whole nother story. She called them "TeKay's Divas on I-40." I think that's an apt title. So I don't know what to do for her birthday either. *~*~*~*~*~*~* and i still haven't gotten anything for sabrina's daughter. ugh. ugh. i wanted to get her a teletubby or something innoucous like that. *~*~*~*~* On the job front. I was "not hired" last week from the current assignment that i'm on. sketchy. but i've applied for a couple of jobs online at i've been turned down for two administrative/marketing positions so far (well one had already been filled and the other my skillset apparently didn't match their needs.) I can't lose hope. I can't. I don't want to be in this office next week when the new girl arrives. I just don't. I thought about taking those as vacation days, but if i don't have something lined up by then, i'll need to take that last week off of july anyway. woe. *~*~*~*~*~*~* I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting...but check out the subtle changes to aquarius. and I'm waiting to hear if i have the go ahead on the site move. and i'm going to ask for the journal background from iko so that i can start using it. oh and i'm designing a new logo for the helios-rising splash page. gotta use this free time somehow. la. You have to remember that a club is not fodder for picking a lifemate.